When is the best time to start your photo booth during an event

Cocktail Hour 5-6pm

Some couples would prefer that the photo booth be set up and ready to shoot before the guests enter the reception hall or the wedding celebration venue and remain open for all the guests until the party is over.

Dance Floor Opens – 9pm onwards

While some people will still be timid lounging around the venue; however when alcohol is served, these guests start to get more relaxed and all their inhibitions start to disappear and start making naughty poses inside the photo booth. All the fun starts to happen during the after-wedding party so I guess it’s better to arrange with the photo booth rental company that they will have the photo sessions from the moment the bar is open and will end until the guests start to leave

Main Course Is Served – 7pm

However, there are instances where photo booths only have limited number of hours. Because of the limitations in the time, couples have to decide the best time to get the film rolling for the photo session. Would it be ideal to open the photo booth right after the dinner or when the cocktails are served? When the feast is served, this is the time when most guests socialize and go from table to table to meet and greet some friends; to some this is one of those perfect moments to start posing for the camera with all those props and start capturing those wacky and crazy pictures. Instead of having all the guests sitting around and slowly becoming bored, why not start the ball rolling and announce that the photo booth is open. Remember that without a little entertainment, people will surely leave the party after the sharing the feast because not all people are into drinking alcohol and loud music coming from the band or the mobile DJ.

Wedding celebrations and all other occasions are ever more enjoyable with photo booths as one of the highlights. And with the added innovative features like the digital backdrops, instant prints, video recordings, and the advanced lighting equipment; and, of course, the naughty and funny props. Photo booths could really make wonders in every occasion aside from the delight and pleasure it provides the guests, the photo strip printouts make a precious and memorable thank you gift for each and everyone who shared the special day as the couple starts their new journey as husband and wife.

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