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Photo Booth Rental FAQ

We require a minimum of 6 feet by 6 feet space for our photo booth. 

Yes, our photos are printed instantly.  It takes average 12 seconds for a print out. 

Yes, we do need a power outlet for our photo booth.  We do bring our own extension cord. 

We require a 6 feet table for the printer & props for our toronto photo booth. 

All our packages come with unlimited prints

Yes, our props can be customized to fit the season / event for photo booth rentals.  Our props selected by our photo booth company staff are always kids friendly.

Toronto Photo Booth Rental

Do you want to add a magical touch to your event? Consider hiring a photo booth rental firm if that’s the case. Photo booths are just one of many services available, but they’re extremely popular and certain to keep your guests engaged. Birthday parties, family get-togethers, and corporate gatherings are all excellent occasions for using a photo booth rental service. It’s a wonderful way to capture memories that can be cherished forever. A photo booth takes photographs using a camera and then prints the resulting strips of photos (or, in some cases, individual shots from the user). Your visitors will enjoy it since they may take selfies with their friends and post them on social media with customized hashtags. Focus Booth has a range of Toronto photo booth rentals for your perusal, one of our most popular rental packages are for weddings.

Wedding Photo Booth

Your wedding guests are the most important people there who you’re inviting to be part of an amazing day. Asking someone to come celebrate with you is already asking them for a lot, so why not give them something they’ll remember?

Making your guests feel welcomed and excited about being at your wedding is crucial. A photo booth is always a hit because they give everyone the chance to have some fun, let loose with their friends or family, and capture memories that will last forever! It’s also super simple since everything happens in one place. No need to stand around awkwardly with someone waiting for their turn on the dance floor! Your guests can chat away while taking photos which means more time for mingling and celebration. They’ll be entertained while also being surrounded by love.

Not to mention, a photo booth is so much more than just a way to have fun! They make lasting memories of your special day that you can look back on for years to come. There are so many great ways you can use a photo booth at your next event, but some popular options are:

– For a general party – you can even add a custom border, backdrops and have one of our photo booth attendants on site!

– As a choice of entertainment at weddings that works for guests of all ages regardless of the occasion

– Tweeting/Instagramming/Facebooking your wedding hashtag so everyone can join in the fun!

– To add an extra dose of fun to an already fantastic holiday party

– Using it in a professional event such as a company party

Photo booths are also a great way to promote your wedding hashtag or provide information about social media accounts. If you do it correctly, everyone will be sharing the photos on their own personal channels which helps create buzz about your event!

You can even get creative with how you actually design the photo booth itself! There are tons of different styles and themes to choose from that can fit with any wedding theme or any other events. You could go with an elegant classic look, something simple but modern, maybe even pick one that matches your invitations! The options are really endless here because there’s no limit to your creativity when it comes to making something yourself. You’ll have the chance to customize your backdrop, video options, as well as the photobooth itself. When in doubt though, opt for a traditional black and white style – it will always come out classic and timeless no matter what.

There are also tons of themes you can do for your photo booth that match your wedding perfectly! It’s definitely a great way to incorporate something unique into the event. Some popular themes are beach, vintage, rustic forest, or even just having fun with props! You can go as simple or as extravagant with it as you want since most companies have all kinds of options to choose from. Luckily for you, Focus Booth offers a variety of options and customizations:

– Free setup and takedown included with the photo booth rental

– 3 hours of unlimited photo prints

– Wide variety of props and custom backdrops for any event, whether it’s for companies, a corporate event, general entertainment or weddings

– Affordable pricing and services

– A consultation to ensure that your custom photo booth rental package is exactly how you envisioned it to be

– An on-site attendant to ensure smooth running of your photobooth service in Mississauga

And so much more!

Photo Booth Rental Toronto


Focus booth is a premier photo booth rental company based in Toronto. Impress your guest with top notch service and guaranteed fun at your next event.

Browse through our photo booth optionsstrip design for inspirations, and backdrop to go with your package!

Why should I choose a photo booth rental?

Photo booths have become increasingly popular in Ontario weddings lately. Renting an Ontario photo booth for your wedding will provide hours of entertainment, fun memories, and give you great conversations with all your family and friends. Whether or not you decide to share the photos online after the wedding is up to you. These are some reasons why you should rent a photo booth for your wedding.

1) It’s Affordable

Renting a photo booth is much more affordable than buying one. You’ll find that Focus Booth charges a very reasonable price for all of our wedding photobooth packages, which includes customized props, unlimited pictures, and customized hashtags, borders and more if desired. Now compare that to the price of purchasing a photobooth by itself which could go upwards of thousands of dollars, not to mention the cost of maintenance, upkeep, and any future repairs.

2) Great for all attendees

Photo booths are so much fun for everyone because they unleash their inner child. You can provide life sized cutouts for your guests to take selfies with alone or with a group photo. It’s also a great way to get everyone involved in the wedding photos by making them line up against your chosen backdrop at designated times. As an alternative, you can have your hired photographer ask or direct your guests on how to pose or what props they should use during the photo booth session. Who knows, some candid shots may actually turn out great!

3) Unlimited Photos For The Bride And Groom To Keep

Wedding albums are great to look back on, but what if you want an unlimited number of photos with you and your spouse? A photo booth rental comes with an unlimited printing service for 3 hours so that you can bring home as many photos as you both desire after the wedding is done. You can then choose which images are worthy enough to be made into a wedding album or which pictures would end up in an album. The other ones can go into your wallet or up on the mantle.

4) Unlimited Photos For The Guests To Keep

Some people may not own smartphones or laptops where they could share their pictures online. That’s why having the option of giving your guests as many printed photos as they want will make them appreciate your generosity even more! Not only that, it makes everyone put the phone away and just enjoy the moment as it happens.

5) Customized Props for Memorable Photos

Having a variety of props available for your guests makes the photo booth experience 10x more fun! However, everyone has their preferences so it’s best you coordinate with your wedding planner to see which styles and designs would work best. You can also have personalized tags or labels made ahead so that they won’t be forgotten during setup time. Now wouldn’t that be a great DIY project?

6) Capture The Same Moments Multiple Times

Photo booths are not only limited to bridal couples since you can rent them out for various events such as bachelor/bachelorette parties, anniversary celebrations, Christmas events, etc. Having a photo booth rental throughout these special days will give you and your guests the chance to make even more memories as you recreate the candid moments over and over again.

7) More Candid Shots To Choose From

Chances are, during a wedding day there will be camera-shy guests who don’t like getting their photos taken or those who simply prefer not to have their faces immortalized online for everyone to see. A photo booth would be a great solution to that problem because they’re quick and easy to use, which means less time needed for people to get comfortable with being photographed. It’s also an effective way of capturing all your guests whenever they decide to do something fun together since there won’t be any need for posing or too much from either you or your hired photographer.

8) Pictures Are A Great Way To Share Your Wedding Memories With Friends And Family

A lot of your guests may not be able to attend your wedding ceremony or reception, so why not give them the opportunity to see at least one photo from either event? Photo booth printouts are great for sharing with distant relatives and friends whom you probably wouldn’t get the chance to meet again anytime soon since they’re not that pricey!

Ready to book a photo booth rental?

A photo booth rental is an excellent way to liven up any party, whether you’re celebrating your wedding, hosting a company event or throwing the best birthday party ever for your child. From weddings and graduations to bar mitzvahs and sweet sixteens, a photo booth is fun for everyone! However, just because they’re novel doesn’t mean that you can just book one without being prepared. There are several details that go into properly booking a photo booth rental. Follow these tips below in order to prepare for renting a photo booth:

1) Determine exactly how many hours you want the photo booths rented for. Certain packages will be more or less expensive depending on the duration of time, and depending on the event you may want to adjust accordingly. Consider if you want a professional gallery or something more digital, this will influence your choice of company!

2) Determine if you want multiple photo booths or just one. If you want to accommodate large crowds, it may make sense to have more than one photo booth at the event so people don’t have to wait too long to take their turn. However, if there is a small number of guests at the party, two booths might be overkill and taking up space that could otherwise be filled with activity stations like cake decorating or table games. This may also influence your choice of photography company that you book from.

3) Select a theme and stick to it. One common mistake made by many party planners is trying to book too many photo booths for an event. If you choose three different photo booth rentals with completely diverse themes, the photos may be jarring when they’re laid out side-by-side in memory books. It’s best to go with the company that has the exact right theme for your party; this will create beautiful cohesion between photos taken at separate booths.

4) Think about where you want the photo booth placed. Photo booths really add life to any event and might occupy a surprising amount of space if placed correctly! Many people like putting them near entrances and exits so that everyone can take their pictures before or after heading inside. Also, photobooths are great to place near your photo guest book so that people who don’t want to take their picture can still go up and put on some silly hats or experiment with the backdrops and photobooths experience.

5) Make sure there is time for setup and breakdown. Although an attendant will be on site anytime, it’s important for us to know your general timeline for setup and takedown, especially if you have a special backdrop in mind. It’s best to pre-negotiate how much time will be needed for setup/breakdown so there are no surprises!

Ready to book one of Toronto’s photo booth rentals today? Come reach out to us at Focus Booth and we’ll be glad to help you add the extra kick you need for your next events, whether it’s a holiday party, a professional meet and greet, or maybe just a photography geeks gathering, we have you covered! Contact us today to book your wedding photobooth in Niagara, Mississauga, or the general Ontario area!