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If you are one of the businesses who are looking forward to the favorable results of your trade shows, it is best to know what cards to play. Meaning – for you to be able to maximize the amazing opportunities that trade shows could give to boost your business, you must be equipped with the right marketing tool.

And when it comes to the most effective marketing tools for your tradeshow or corporate event one of your sure bets is the photo booth.

But, among a number of proven effective marketing tools to choose from, why settling for the photo booth could lead you straight to the hearts and minds of your target market?

1 – Photo booths are flexible marketing tools

Gone are the days where affluent merchants have to stay still for hours and days just to have their portraits painted to show that they are one of the important guests in the banquet. Or stay still in front of the camera while the photographer behind the camera and under the black sheets is trying to capture your black and white photos.

These are true scenarios of how businesses in previous years record the gratifying experience and remarkable memories from attending events like tradeshows, that in order to create one it has to undergo a rigid process.

Today, businesses do not have to experience such as they can now rely on photo booths that come with amazing options: from backdrops to props, to customizable strips, to printing services.

Add to it the fact that professional photographers equipped with the latest devices and technology, are the people who will be responsible for high-quality photos that you will surely hang in your office or post in your business website to impress your site visitors and make your competitors get envious with your successful event.

2 – Toronto Photo booths company rentals brings the brands closer to their target market

With the evolution on how people will be able to instill memories in a piece of paper, what else can you ask for more? Your photos can now be instantly posted into your social media accounts even if you are still in the event, which could entice more people to visit your tradeshow or get themselves prepared for your next trade show event.

In fact, posting the latest happenings in your trade show event is one way of making a good impression about your products and services to your target market. You don’t need to say a lot how your new vacuum cleaner became the head-turner of the event because the HD pictures will do the talking for you.

And this saves you from the trouble of practicing your 500-word speech just to get people participate in your event next year because the HD pictures from the Toronto photo booths got you covered.

3 – Photo booths could help you generate leads in exchange of pictures

People attending the trade shows love to have their pictures taken because they want to show to their friends and families that they’ve been there, that they become part of the history of a prestigious company. And since photo booths would surely be a huge hit in special events, businesses could take advantage of it by giving away unlimited prints of their pictures in exchange of their emails or contact details that will be a good addition to their roster of leads.

Another way to generate lead is through the hashtag printing service that photo booths offer. The hashtag printing service allows the participants of the trade show to have their tagged photos of the event posted in their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts to be displayed in a slideshow and have other photos of choice be printed to serve as their souvenirs. And the people who have tagged their statuses in the Hashtag of the event could be your leads for future marketing purposes.

4 – Photo booths could provide you multiple prospects in one place

Aside from spectators of the trade show, another group of people that businesses should be aware of are potential investors and customers that are visiting each booth in the trade show. You never know that one of the people who had just taken their pictures in your photo booth could be one of the investors for the new product that your company will launch next month, or is an eager customer who is more than willing to pay upfront for the services that you are providing.

Note that in trade show events you will be encountering not only hundreds, but thousands of people and evaluating their profiles could be very helpful in determining if they will meet your qualifications

5 – Photo booth offers special attention to your brand

Through trade shows, you will be able to promote your company. This big event allows you present your brand identity to the huge target market that is present in your event. And through photo booths where participants can upload their photos on their social media accounts along with the Hashtag of the event, you will be able to improve your brand visibility as well as your industry standing.

When other people in the social media community saw you pictures uploaded by the attendees of your tradeshow, they will be curious enough to know more about your company – which could result to more searches and engagement

6 – Photo booth pictures could help strengthen your engagement with your customers even if the trade show has ended.

Just because the trade show has ended, everything should be forgotten. Through photo booth pictures, businesses can encourage people to get and stay connected with them by providing a small token of appreciation in exchange of tagging their photos of the event that the company had hosted. A good example of this marketing move is what MeetMrHolland did in their event pictures where the company invites people to tagged the company with their pictures were taken that was taken from the event. And the lucky winners will get a chance to receive a fair good prize.

7 – Photo booth pictures inspire and motivate your customers to attend your next trade show

With the Toronto photo booth rental pictures that are posted in your business website, shared in your social media accounts and posted in your bulletin boards where the vibe of success are reflected on every face of satisfied attendees, your customers and prospects who were not able to attend your trade show will surely look forward to your next event and see to it that they will be able to attend.

Keep in mind that pictures of successful events has a great impact to people who will be seeing it. They will be motivated to attend your next event as they believe that your trade show is fun and entertaining – and who knows? It could open another door of opportunity not only to your company but to the people who attended your trade show.

So if you think that you already have all the things that could make your trade show this year successful, think again – because you might miss something that is far more effective than your traditional marketing tools. Never hesitate to make your trade show this year more extravagant than the previous, avail a photo booth today and experience the power of photo booth in connecting people to your brand.

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