Sweet 16 Photo Booth Rental

15 Mar Sweet 16 Photo Booth Rental

Sweet 16 Photo Booth Rental in Toronto





When it comes to the venue of the birthday celebration, it could either be at home if there is enough space for all the guests or in a banquet hall which will be rented to accommodate all the invitees to the party. Most of the guests are those that are close to the celebrant and her family and the banquet will either be a luncheon or a dinner, based on the preference of the celebrant, of course.

In terms of the decors for the party venue, some would prefer to put up some colored string lights, bouquets of flowers in season, banners, and they would not miss out on the colorful balloons of course. There would definitely be party lights in the venue because some of the guests have prepared performances for the celebrant and there would definitely be a night full of singing, dancing, and laughter.

In addition to this, hiring professional event photographers is something that they would not miss because the Indians are very sentimental and they would absolutely want to commemorate, record and immortalize every happy moment on that special day. Hiring just a photographer would not suffice, and this is the major reason why having a photo booth in the scene would be the best choice. With a photo booth in this well-attended celebration, every guest will definitely be entertained and amused plus the fact that they could get free high-resolution printouts as their party souvenir. The host, however, would have an easier and more fun ways to document all those who have attended and graced the occasion.

Zahra and all her guests definitely enjoyed posing for the camera inside the photo booth. The props made it even more entertaining and fun because it highlighted every shot and made the scenes even wackier and quirkier even when all the guests are in their best suits and dresses. Hassan also enjoyed his birthday celebration; it can clearly be depicted in all his photos as he poses and smiles for the camera with his best buddies. The men didn’t mind wearing the feather shawls, the masks, the Egyptian headdress and the character gloves; while the women posed with elegance in their sophisticated and stunning Indian dresses accentuated with feathers, masks, and other props. The golden disco lights background is just a perfect choice because Indians are definitely fascinated by gold.

During Indian birthday celebrations, all the guests will bring gifts of all kinds like flowers, perfume, jewelry, toys, books, chocolates, sweets, picture frames and all sorts of stuff. But, there is nothing more precious than the photos captured during that night when Zahra is no longer a girl but a young amazing woman who just turned 16. The photos will make her relive every unforgettable and blissful moments as she enters her adult life. The photos could also be a way to tell her children how superb and splendid her 16th birthday celebration is when she gets older and has a daughter who’s turning 16.