star wars theme photo booth strips toronto

10 Mar star wars theme photo booth strips toronto

star wars theme photo booth strips toronto




One of the latest trends when it comes to hosting events and parties is having a photo booth to entertain and amuse people during the event.  In fact, the use of photo booths in almost all types of events and occasions has made waves globally making the industry a lot more competitive because of the unearthing of competitors.

Moreover, the photography industry has become a really dominant and powerful business because of the emergence of these photo booths. It has made it a lot easier to capture and create a complete documentation of the people who have graced the splendid occasion. Photo booths do not just serve the purpose of making the crowd exhilarated by having the chance to have the guests’ photos taken and bring them home in colorful prints, but these photo booths are one of the advertising strategies that can help promote brands during product launches.

Furthermore, photo booths provide a hassle-free way of keeping people engaged with the events they are attending. And because modern and innovative photo booths have more sophisticated features, they can make use of the internet to share all the photos to various social media sites instantly.

And because of the photo booth hype to spruce up any type of party or celebration, Toronto photo booth rental industry has ventured to have more sophisticated and technologically advanced photo booth units available for hire; the use of green screen technology, for instance. More advanced and high-resolution printouts are what sells, so companies providing photo booth rental services have to invest in the latest models of printers and DSLR cameras in the market. In addition to this, photography artists are coming up with more unique and up-to-date concepts to suggest their clients to make their services more in demand.

In line with creating the best concept for the photo booth theme, photo booth rental owners should also be abreast about what’s in vogue or what interests people at present. One of the trending ideas for design, especially for birthday parties for little boys, is the Star Wars theme. This is most especially because of the launch of the newest Star Wars Movie that has been watched by millions and millions of aficionados all over the world.

Star Wars is indeed one of the most viewed movies since the very first movie that was created by George Lucas in 1977. Because of its success in the film industry and because the film garnered multiple awards from various film award-giving bodies, the creator thought of making it into a series which has absolutely gone to fame and gained worldwide recognition. In fact, it has become top grossing and earned a Guinness World record with the title “ Most Successful Film Merchandising Franchise”. The latest movie which was entitled, Star Wars: The Force Awakens which was recently released in 2015 has also made waves globally.

And because of the tremendous popularity of this movie series, it has also been one of the most loved and favorites of children all over the world; hence, children especially little boys would dream of having a Star Wars inspired birthday party.

There are a lot of crazy and creative ideas that can be derived from the Star Wars themed party. The decorative balloons with the face of the villains like Darth Vader and his soldiers as well as  the heroes of the epic story can superbly highlight the venue of the party. The host can even use the other interesting characters as the design for yummy and scrumptious treats like the muffins. The red balloons with the Star Wars design also gave a nice effect on the room.

And what’s more fantastic is having an R2D2 fondant cake topper and cake pops to highlight the blowing of the candle. Those cool party cups with Star Wars designs will definitely be more encouraging for the children. And what’s even more enjoyable is that the children get to bring some attractive party favors and giveaways home after the party plus a high-resolution copy of their photo booth shots. Children of all ages will definitely enjoy this type of party as they play around with other kids in their chosen character masks and at the same time thy can reenact some interesting scenes from the movie.

And as one of the most entertaining parts of the party, a photo booth with a simple royal blue background equipped with props like red and green lightsabers can really spice up the event. Children and adults alike would love making those wacky poses while holding some swords and pretending as if they are in a battle just like the Star Wars characters. A Darth Vader doll can also be an interesting piece that can be used as props. But what makes the photos more exciting is that the celebrant and his guests can wear those character masks and play while their photos are being captured. Girls can also join the fun and just pose using balloons as props.

The Star Wars epic has truly touched the lives of people especially the children because of the many different characters in it and the adventures and struggles they have gone through. The most remarkable part of every Star Wars movie shown on the big screen is the great mystifying effects especially during the fight scenes where the lightsaber has become so popular among kids. And what we should not forget is that Star Wars is not just a war story but it has a lot of good lessons to share with kids that “the good will never triumph over evil”.

Star Wars is a story that has lived through decades and the movie never failed to amaze all the spectators. After the Star Wars: The Force Awakens, people are still looking forward to the next adventure. And one thing is for sure, they are waiting for another amazing and mind-twisting story.