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Ten Tips for Creating an Awesome Photo Booth

Here are some other tips by Toronto Photo Booth for creating an awesome photo booth:

1. Space for Photo Booth

First and foremost, you want to make sure you’ve got a great space in which to hold your photo booth. You’ll need space for people to get comfortable and work with the props that will be provided (read: no pets allowed), and it should ideally look awesome , if not like an actual photo booth (a place where shots are taken… Get it?) Photo booths should be a place for people to have fun and feel classy.

2. Backdrop or screen

Have a great backdrop or screen behind your props that will remain consistent throughout the event, but also allows you to change up the picture if necessary by switching out different colored backdrops/colors.

3. Props

Make sure your props are either black or white to ensure they will always work no matter what color your backdrop is. Try to keep the props classy so that the photo booth feels like a true party space for people.

4. Hire a professional photographer

Hire a professional to do the snapping for you  if you can’t take pics yourself. That way your shots will turn out well, and the person taking the photos will be able to quickly and easily send them directly to your computer or USB drive!

For that amount of money, you might as well hire someone who is talented and knows what they are doing. You can also get Toronto Phtobooth for this task.

5. Open Booth for only a limited time

Keep the photo booth open for only a limited time. People are paying to use it, so make them feel like they’re getting their money’s worth by staying there for at least 10 minutes before sending people on their way.

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6. Offer fun props

Offer fun props for people to use. If you have unlimited budget, get all the silly items that your guests would never expect to find at a photo booth. Rubber duckies, mustaches, hats… Whatever it is, props are fun!

7. Supply water

Supply water so everyone has something to drink while they are waiting in line. This ensures they are hydrated, which means they won’t feel sick… Which means they can take more shots.

8. Include a green screen

Include a green screen within the backdrop if possible. This will allow you to change up your backdrop later on and place it anywhere from outer space to under the sea! Mix things up a little by creating some Star Wars backdrops or Jurassic Park settings.

9. Ask guests to bring a change of clothes

Asking guests to bring a change of clothes is an option that might be fun for some guests. Just beware that, depending upon how many people are attending this photo booth you have created, you may end up having an extra pile of clothes around your venue if you do so! And please make sure the clothes are 100% safe and clean if you decide to go this route.

10. Provide a USB stick after the event

After the festivities are over, offer your guests a USB drive on which they can store their photos from the evening. This ensures that no one is going home with a broken camera filled with memories of an awesome party!

You can add these tips to your list if you wish, and you can also rely on Photobooth Rental Toronto for your event.