4 x 6 Horizontal Design

A classic 4 by 6 postcard sized photo layout. 

Allows horizontal & vertical design. 

4 x 6 Portrait & Vertical Design

Vertical post card design makes your strips stand out!

Classic 2" by 6" PHOTO STRIP Design

A beautiful 2 by 6 strips, with your logo and design. 

GIF Booth Design

Have a beautiful gif with animated design to go with it! 


Boomerang away with our custom designs! 

Hashtag printing design

Design your hashtag printer layout.

Include instagram user name, hashtag, caption and also user profile photo.

What Sizes Do My Photobooth strips Come In?

Our photo booth strip layouts comes in 2 options.

4 by 6 inch post card size or 2 by 6 inch classic strip. 

Both styles allow up to 4 photos into the layout.

Customized logos and wordings are included in our service without any additional cost.

Boomerang & gif design are available without additional cost.

Customize a unique experience with us!