Photo Booth versus Hashtag Printing

Why rent a photo booth?

There is a good reason why photo booths are popping up at every event all over the world. Event planners long ago learned the benefits the photo booths provide. It goes well beyond the initial snap that is required in taking a picture. When a photo booth is present at your event, you are taking the pleasure of excitement and memories to the forefront. You are making sure that your event will not only capture that fun and delight of your guests but also secured lasting memories that are in the presence of the printed photos. The easy printing and fast production of the photos allow your guests to have a better view of the snapshot they have created.

Why hashtag printing is better?

Your guests will not have to wait in line until your other guests are done with their wacky poses. They can simply snap a photo of them with their coolest selfie in your event and uploading it to their social media account. They can simply snap a photo and upload to their account and tag their photo using the event’s #hashtag. From there, your guest can enjoy printing their photos using the hashtag printer as it automatically downloads all their photos that are uploaded on their social media accounts and corresponds to the hashtag of the event. As simple as that your guest can enjoy printing their photos with your own custom template and branding

Photo booth versus Hashtag printing, which one do you think is best for your event?

]Photo booths give you immediate result plus you can have fun in front of the camera with additional props you and your guests could use. While on hashtag printing, your guests get to select which photo they want to print as a memorabilia of your event. Photo booths provide the kind of fun that many can enjoy, crowding the camera is one of the things that your guests can do, having a photo snapped to the last minute and getting caught unaware is something that is great to look at over the years. Hashtag printing, on the other hand, allows your guests to snap a photo in every corner of the venue, as you made sure that everything is perfect. The venue of your event should not go to waste as your creative guests find places where they can snap a shot in which your photo booth is just stationary in its allotted location.

Either which is great for the occasion. Both offer an advantage that you and definitely your guests will love, choosing between the two is sure a hard choice for you. If you are in a tight budget and choosing between the two is that only choice you have, either of the two can be very beneficial for your event. You can be assured in any ways that your event will be filled with fun and excitement. However, if you are able to select both, why not turn your event into a photo fest with both the photo booth and hashtag printing on your affair. This way, you can be assured that your guests will leave your party happier than ever.

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