Yien & Abel

17 Nov Yien & Abel


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The Fun of having a Photo Booth at weddings

One of the fastest rising trends all over the world, particularly in Toronto, Canada is hiring photo booth rentals not only for occasions such as birthdays, debuts, corporate parties, anniversaries, but most especially for wedding celebrations. Having photo booths for these occasions relieves the couple from the hassles and worries of not having to capture every one of the invited guests in photographs.

Aside from the fact that the newly-weds would have a complete set of pictures for their wedding album, wedding invitees would also have a copy of the photo strips which will also serve as a wedding favor. Cost-effective, isn’t it? This is because the couple doesn’t need to spend more money for wedding souvenirs for all their guests. And what’s best about photo booth rentals is that people would really have a good time being candid and funny in all their poses plus they could really be creative with all the props that photo booth rental companies provide.

Props in photo booths can be just anything that will enhance or give a peculiar but entertaining look. Props come in all shapes, color, sizes, textures, and designs. Without props, photo booths will be lifeless and dull. Props are what wedding photographers and photo booth designer use to create the theme. There are actually 2 types of props: the first type is the one used to design the photo booth and give it a themed background; while the other type is those that are used by the people whose photos are captured. Read about the trend of having a photo booth at weddings

Having a photo booth during Yien and Abel’s wedding celebration has really brought delight to all their guests; even mom and her little one had a great time taking their wacky pose while mom carries his son wearing an odd black hat.

Abel and his friends have other things in mind for a funny photograph; the humungous Minnie mouse bow and the red cowgirl hat worn by the ladies absolutely gave a different touch to the colors while Abel decided to wear a pink girlie hat over Yien’s veil. The Hawaiian bikini-inspired apron really made the photo really crazy.

In one of the pictures where the couple is present, they decided to wear masks of Dora the explorer and a red robot character while their other friends preferred to wear different types of strange hats like the Jack o’ Lantern, a red cowgirl hat, and a toy soldier hat. There was also one scene where a funny looking guy wearing a jester’s hat really accentuated the entire photo while everybody gives out their biggest smile for the camera.

One of the most exhilarating pictures is where dad carries her daughter while posing with an amusing and hilarious facial expression while the son holds on to his hat, tongue out as mommy carries him. Taking pictures in photo booths could really give a wonderful bonding experience to the entire family as they could freely express themselves.

Some of the other friends and guests invited by Yien and Abel made use of those oversized funny eyeglasses, hats, masks, the funny nose and those weird-looking mustaches. The way one of the female guests wore the purple oversized eyeglasses over her chest is definitely comical.

The photos really depict how happy Yien and Abel were during their wedding celebration and how the guests really had a great time making those crazy and wild poses with the couple. Photo booths really add to the unforgettable experiences and precious memories in every wedding celebration and this maybe the reason why the photo both rentals Toronto and other providers are in demand even for other types of occasions and events.