Pharmacy School Class Event Photo Booth

It was back to school for us when we were hired to supply the photo booth entertainment to pharmacy school students who were celebrating their academic success.

Everyone was dressed to the nines and having a fabulous time. Our photo booth certainly added to the good times and you can see from the photo strips that this group is full of smiles, laughter and joy.

They choose a shimmery gold backdrop and lots of upbeat props. For the printout, they selected an elegant navy blue background with gold text and details and the photos were all their happy faces, of course!

Photo booth rental can be used at any event, from an office party to a wedding reception to a graduation event. It is a versatile form of entertainment that really never goes out of fashion. It’s kind of like dessert. You’ve seen it before, had it many times, but still there’s something so exciting about seeing it being offered.

One reason photo booth rental is so popular is that it is so creative and expressive. You would be surprised how many ways there are to wear a feather boa. The facial expressions are priceless, the poses can be wacky, cool or sexy and the props emphasize the message the photo booth users are trying to get across. Or at least they have fun trying!

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