Open Air Photo Booth vs Closed Photo Booth

If there’s one item that can preserve a special event, it would definitely be a photo or photographs. Through the years, cameras have been used to capture an event as it happens. Each and every snap is developed and framed. As a matter of fact, the photographs have the ability to communicate a piece of information and touch the hearts of the ones who see it. It captures a special moment during different occasions such as debuts, birthdays, school reunions, team building events, product launches, networking events, family reunions, and speed dating events, Christmas parties, Christening, graduation, marriage proposals, weddings, anniversaries, New Year’s Eve celebration and many more. Photos are fundamental evidence that will remind you and the guests in your event or party about the wonders of the occasion.

Two Types of Photo Booth

Aside from the traditional way of taking photos, a photo booth is another great option. Hiring a photo booth rental enables the event organizers or hosts to level- up the fun and enjoyment of each and every guest. As a matter of fact, hiring the photo booth rentals in Toronto, Canada is one of the fastest rising and growing trends in the event industry. There’s no wonder with that because the majority loves to take photos in various ways and means. Photographs serve as a keepsake or remembrance from an unforgettable occasion. It can also serve as a customized and personalized giveaway for the guests and attendees.

During important life events, it is vital to hire professional and highly- skilled photographers and videographers to capture each and every moment. Luckily, Focus Production has teamed up with the most talented photographers and videographers in Toronto, Canada to build a team that will capture important moments and make it even more special. Focus Production understands that every event is unique. That’s the main reason why they offer multiple and different packages that can be personally customized depending on your needs and budget. That is how talented and understanding the people behind the Focus Production are. They make adjustments depending on your preference. In addition, their primary goal is to create memories and make it last forever. For sure, you don’t want to miss a moment and let the Focus Production do their magic and wonders in your event.

If you’re still wondering why photo booth has become a major trend, let me tell you why. Photo booths are versatile. It can be mixed and matched with different events whether it is a formal or semi- formal occasion. Young, adults and even those who are young at heart will enjoy the delight and amusement that a photo booth can give and provide. But, versatility is not the only advantage or benefit of having a photo booth in your event. To tell you frankly, if you have a photo booth in your event, your guests will continuously mingle with each other. It helps in bringing out the joyful and playful or silly side of your guests. They can pose like there’s no tomorrow. Of course, posing with the other guests and attendees is a great way to start a conversation and build a successful relationship. Moreover, the fun and excitement won’t end with the posing session because your event’s guests can pump up the pleasurable factor by taking the photo booth experience online. Yes, you read it right. Nowadays, the software used in the majority of photo booths can be connected with any devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. Therefore, your guests can like and share how wonderful your party is. Aside from that, your party guests may also provide their comments on how they enjoy the event.

If you’re already convinced that you need a photo booth in your next event, the second phase that you should keep in mind is the type of photo booth that you will use. Since photo booth has become a popular trend across the globe, it has already resulted to the advent of different variations. The most common types of photo booths available are the open air photo booth and closed photo booth. The names may suggest what it might look like but do you know the difference between the two? Fret no more because our Toronto Photo Booth Company got you covered.

Closed Photo Booth

The closed photo booths are covered with walls, panels, curtains, blinds, or the combination of the aforementioned. It helps in keeping the guests inside the photo booth away from the eyes of the others from the outside. Usually, the closed photo booths can accommodate 2 to 16 guests depending on its size and capacity. In a closed photo booths, the guests can freely pose with their wackiest and in the most peculiar way. Aside from that, your guests can also enjoy the different photo backdrops such as umbrellas, picture frames, paper pom poms, balloons, flower curtains, curtains of confetti, sequence, or glitters, wallpapers, lace, and colorful streamers. The options for the backdrops are endless. The photo outputs of your guests can be as colorful and artistic as you want it to be. Your guests will also love that the photos they posed for can be printed as soon as they went out of the photo booth. Focus Booth offers unlimited on-site printing and your guests can enjoy as many copies as they want. All of the photos are packed in the timeframe book. In addition, your guests can also enjoy 2 strips or 4R printings as well


Open Air Photo Booth

Open air photo booths are exactly as what they sound. This type of photo booth is perfect for any event. The capacity of an open air photo booth is definitely larger than the closed photo booth. As a matter of fact, it can hold more than 20 guests in one picture or frame. Therefore, an open air photo booth is suitable for big events such as weddings and family or school reunions. Aside from the large capacity, an open air photo booth is easy to set up. Generally, it is composed of a photo backdrop, camera, printer, and a table for props. Moreover, the open air photo booth is a great alternative instead of the traditional or closed photo booths that may seem claustrophobic. In an open air photo booth, you or your guests can photobomb each other and make a simple photo look hilariously fun and incredible. So, if you want your guests’ photo booth experience to be an incredible and one- of- a- kind, opt for the open air photo booth and see how giddy and excited your guests will be.

Which One To Choose?

Which is your best bet, the closed photo booth or the open air photo booth? Remember that no matter which is your photo booth of choice, what’s more important is that your guests will enjoy the event and the occasion. Let them experience an unforgettable event that is worth remembering and cherishing. Aside from that, enjoy every moment and pose a lot. Let the photographers or photo booth cameras of the Focus Booth Toronto Photo booth Rental, bring the most out of the silly poses. For sure, all your photos and outputs will turn as a magnificent proof and evidence of how fun and exciting the event was. Your guests will also remember the happenings in the event even after a few years or decade will pass.

Toronto Photo Booth Rental

Focus booth is a premier photo booth rental company based in Toronto. Impress your guest with top notch service and guaranteed fun at your next event. 

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