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With the increasing number of influential competitors in the fast-paced business world, people are in continuous search of the best marketing strategies to establish brand awareness and online omnipresence. Creating powerful brand credibility and reputation is very important especially when you want your business to be viable and not be overthrown by all others; this is where marketing strategies and advertising comes in.

Product launches, promotions and advertisements in all of its diversified forms and in all sorts of different platforms have been done by all brands, even the ones that are really influential in the marketing industry. Well, customers wouldn’t have a way to know about the brand and what products and services your company provides if you do not jump into the multifaceted world of advertising.

There are definitely a lot of successful ways to market a brand to achieve prominence and recognition from the public. Here are some of the effective advertising schemes that have brought the most authoritative brands of today success in terms of marketability and, of course, reaching beyond expected profitable margins:

  • Press Release: Writing a press release about new remarkable and noteworthy innovative discoveries is one of the most powerful ways to spread the awareness to the general public. Many people still hit on and read about what’s new in the World Wide Web and this is what marketers should take advantage of to highlight the brand’s special or unusual features. Another best thing to do is to stage an event to launch the brand and have a press release written about it.
  • Television Ads: The options you can take are either to create your own TV Ad or to have it filmed by professional TV advertisement creators. The most important thing here is that you make the ads engaging and highly entertaining, and the best strategy is to have it aired during which time target audiences will be watching the television.
  • Radio Ads: Although this advertising method could be viewed as a very traditional way, we all have to think that people are still into listening to radio stations, however, in this present time, internet radio is what’s in. Advertising in radio stations still may generate a number of potential customers.
  • Print Ads: Some locations where the internet connection still needs a lot of work to reach people would most likely turn to the magazines and newspapers to know more about what is trending and popular. A lot of people still subscribe to printed materials to be updated with the world. The best strategy here is to have a full page advertisement to create a greater impact on the subscribers and readers.
  • Interpersonal Networking: Attending social events and handing out brochures and business cards to people and briefly discussing the brand will most likely gain you a number of customers.
  • Digital Marketing: This is one of the widely used marketing strategies that have created a phenomenon in the marketing world in bringing overwhelming success to all businesses and their brands. Internet marketing involves a whole new approach in reaching a great number of people using the World Wide Web as its basic arena for marketing. The methods involve Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Video Marketing and a lot more. With this marketing tactics, reaching the target audience and connecting with them is a lot easier. Placement of online advertisements is also one of the most successful online marketing strategies; this can be effectively done through the publishing ads through placement services such as Google Adsense.
  • Hosting events: This is yet another best strategy if you want to convey a straight message to all potential customers. Brand owners can host either a local, regional and national event to launch and promote their products and services. Conducting demos and giving away freebies will attract a massive number of people to attend the event. The more attendees there are the more possibilities of leveraging brand awareness.

These are only some of the most common business tactics. Moreover, one of the fastest growing trends and most successful is the events, but we also have to be open to the fact that not all events or galas to introduce and promote products can be highly successful. Sometimes it would be necessary to integrate in some other creative marketing ideas; photo booths for instance. You can read more when we talked about photo booth for corporate events

Galas are festive gatherings and are one of the most awaited events because it is a grandiose celebration to mark a special occasion. Grand galas are attended by a large number of people, so every event coordinator should have other options to have the people entertained and amused to keep them far away from being bored and leave. If this happens, then that wouldn’t be great on the reviews you will get from the attendees.

One of the best ways to spruce up any magnificent event including galas is by integrating and hiring photo booth services. Aside from the fact that it can absolutely be entertaining for the guests and keep them busy during the entire event, it can also be a way to reach further and gain brand recognition from people all across the globe and not only those who have gotten the pleasure of being part of the extravagant and extravagant event. In other words, hiring photo booths will exceptionally improve event marketing strategy.

Here are the reasons why integrating photo booths in gala and other events are important:

  • Because visual content is a highly influential form of communication between human beings, photo booths are one of the best ways to resonate relationship building, lead generation and brand awareness whether an event is a trade show or a product launch.
  • Photo booths leverage guest involvement because photo booths act as an ice breaker in events where most trade shows and galas just leave attendees with nothing to do but roam around and listen to promotions. It could also open a plethora of opportunities to get the guests engaged with the brand even after the event by gathering all their email addresses as they enter the photo booth to have fun; these could result to successful lead generation.
  • Because of the social engagement there is most likely a bigger chance of establishing a brand community by giving the guests the opportunity to share their photos in different social media platforms. One of the best strategies to incorporate is to include and customized text or a brand Hashtag to every share or status post that the guests will make. This is a proven effective strategy to spread brand awareness because of the fact that social media sites, specifically Facebook could generate as much as 55 percent more likes compared to usual posts.
  • On-site photo printouts are one of the best features of the most modern photo booths and having the chance to take a copy with a brand logo; event marketers could take much advantage from this because they could also customize the photo printouts and indicate the brand website. Through this, the guests wouldn’t have difficulty remembering the web address in case they decide to visit to see the event updates; this would then lead to a more measurable lead generation which is event-based.


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