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Learn How To Operate A Photo Booth With These Useful Tips

Photo booths are a fun way to capture moments in a personalized way. Whether it is for a wedding reception, party or any other celebration, photo booths make the memories last even longer!

If you’re planning on setting up a photo booth at your next event, below you’ll find helpful tips and information by Toronto Photo Booth that will help you get started:

1. Decide on your booth location

Before you purchase all of your equipment, you’ll need to decide where the photo booth will be located. The amount of foot traffic in the area will help determine if people will actually use it. Think about how many people are attending, and where they may be gathering (such as an open bar).

The booth would be a great addition to an event where it may just have one or two open bars that the majority of people will gather around.

2. Rent a booth

Once you have your location covered, you’ll need to find a photo booth provider in your area. You can simply Google search check with your local party supply store. You can also rely on Photobooth Rental Toronto for providing you with best experience and great time.

3. Decide on a print

There are several options for printing, including digital prints and instant film. Digital prints require a computer program to operate, while instant photo booths only take up to 1 minute per print. Depending on the size of your party will help determine how many prints you’ll need. Although they may seem expensive, you can make them work within your budget.

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4. Decide on a theme

Photo booth props can either add, or take away from the overall look of the print out. Although you may want to take advantage of every prop at your disposal, it’s important to know which will help enhance and support your event theme.

If it’s formal, think about using fanciest props you have. If it’s a casual party, you can go with the classic mustaches or funny glasses.

5. Decide on a time limit

Depending on your party style, you can choose from 5-minute sessions to unlimited photo booths for the night. If this is going to be an inexpensive option, have a time limit between 1-5 minutes per print out.

This way it will be not only affordable but fast. If your party is more formal, you can offer unlimited time in the booth for guests to use.

6. Get the word out

Your photo booth won’t get used if people don’t know it’s available! Make sure everyone knows where it is located and what they need to bring to take advantage of the booth. You can also include it on your invitations or have a reminder email sent to guests who have RSVP’d.

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