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Honeycomb Photo Booth Rental

When Honeycomb hospitality reached out to us at Focus Booth, for their events, we were excited! They were looking for something special to spice up their celebration. The pleasure of any business meeting is meeting new people and networking in a different setting. You may even make new business connections or friendships! But what if we told you there was another approach to have more fun at these gatherings that didn’t involve exchanging business cards? We’re talking about booth pictures now!

People love the idea of getting their picture taken with props, in costume or even just making silly faces. If you tell us that’s not interesting, then you’re definitely missing out! Our staff was delighted to tackle Honeycomb’s needs and bring an extra “oomph” to their party.

Honeycomb wanted to have a big celebration in collaboration with some other companies, and they requested a classic photograph booth to suit their party! They selected a classic shimmery gold backdrop and customized their prints with their business logo and other company logos for their big celebration. Our crew supplied them with props to play around with, including silly masks like Darth Vader and even wigs and other movie paraphernalia. Guests were allowed to freely swap props from the table and take pictures with coworkers while they were there. Our Toronto photo booth kept guests entertained during the program’s downtime. Each part of it was custom-built for their company event and captured the atmosphere. The atmosphere and the memories! We’re delighted to inform you that the staff at Honeycomb was able to thoroughly enjoy themselves at their party, and got to take stunning pictures all night long!

Given that hiring a booth for a special occasion is one of the most effective methods to keep memories, it’s no surprise that it’s a popular choice. It’s perfect for smaller groups like birthday parties to larger and more formal events like weddings since it provides guests with something distinctive and amazing they can take home as a party favor. It’s clear to see that everyone at Honeycomb had an amazing time with their party, and so can you with Focus Booth behind you! At Focus Booth, we have a lot of variety, ranging from modern classic ones to more current types like gif and hashtag booths! On our website, you may select between a more silly style or a more classic and basic photo booth like Honeycomb chose for their employees. With so many options to choose from, why not contact Focus Booth and have a booth that’s more fun than ever before? With our huge selection of rentals, customized prints, backdrops, and accessories, there’s nothing else you could ask for. We hope you enjoyed viewing some of our favorite snapshots from Honeycomb’s fantastic night away from the office! We’re excited to hear of your upcoming events! Contact us today for your next celebration!