How Hashtag Printing Changed Wedding Celebrations

How Hashtag Printing had Changed Wedding Celebrations

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Wedding couples nowadays will try their hardest to break the ordinary practices of most weddings today. And with the proliferation of new technologies and the introduction of new wedding trends from the dress to the venue, cakes to party favors in every season, the selection becomes bigger. However, this have given the wedding couples the hard time finding the right wedding details with the abundance of choices. But if they wanted to make an impression with their guests and give them something good to look back into, what would-be husband and wife should never miss including in their preparation is the Hashtag printing service.

You are probably wondering what the Hashtag printing service is all about and how it works. When you search for every wedding vendor for a photo booth on the internet, you’ll come across with this term as one of the best services for various occasions that include birthday parties, corporate events, and holiday gatherings. For some event organizers, the Hashtag printing services are every event’s game changer for the reason that it keeps the mood of every guest to optimum.

For some wedding couples who had experienced renting the Hashtag printing service of Focus Booth, having the printing service in the party had made their wedding day extra special. And this is apparent on the following perks you will surely be surprised after reading it below:

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  • Hashtag printing service allows you to gather all of the pictures that were posted by your guests in their Instagram account and Twitter. Most wedding guests have the habit of posting everything they snap whenever they attend someone else’s wedding. Typical photos that were posted are pictures with the bride and the groom, the matrimonial ceremony, the venue decorations, the centerpieces, the food, the wedding cars, the party favors – even the encore of the party where everyone are on dance floor dancing and singing are posted in the social media just to boast how amazing the party was. And from the number of guests who attended your event, you will surely be able to compile a lot of pictures that will remind you how great that wedding day was. But make sure that your guests get to know what Hashtag to put on their post so it would be easier for you to gather them and have it printed.
  • Hashtag printing service allows your guests to take home pictures from the events on that same day. Focus Booth is one of the wedding vendors who have this kind of software that allows the wedding guests to have their Hashtag picture be printed onsite. So if by instance you were not able to have a better picture of the bride and the groom because of the bad camera quality of your smart phone or you don’t have that talent in nailing the best shot, you can ask someone from the party to share to you their best photos of the wedding couples which can be printed in the Focus Booth.


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  • Sometimes in wedding events, it is the only time you will be able to see your long-time friends and being together again might be uncertain. So why not hit the photo booth like old times and snap pictures while striking great poses and use hilarious props for a keepsake. The fun part does not end there because in Focus Booth, you will be able to post it in your social media account along with the event’s Hashtag and have it printed on-site so everyone in the gang will have a copy of your Napoleon Dynamite Dance pose while wearing the Avengers masks to take home. With Focus Booth’s Hashtag printing service, your memories will not only stay at your social media account because you can now take home the hard copy and cherished it.
  • Hashtag printing service makes photo-sharing in the social media much easier. Did you met someone in the party but forgot to know who are they? Through this service, you will be able to track down people by reviewing all the pictures that have used the same Hashtag of the event. This is much easier than finding their names on Facebook because the Hashtags that were used in the event were only exclusive for the wedding couples. Moreover, if you wanted to share the pictures of your suit when you attended your friend’s wedding party to your mom, you can easily get it through the Hashtag of the event and tag her to the photos. And seeing a lot of likes and re-tweets of your photo in black suit, your mom would definitely be proud of you.
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    • Hashtag printing service enables you to choose the photos posted in the Instagram account that you want to be printed. Some wedding couples who have used the Hashtag printing service in their own wedding celebration took this opportunity to use the pictures printed as a souvenir that wedding guests could take home, especially those that were taken in the Focus Booth. Aside from the novelty items, pictures also has been one of the favorites when it comes to party favors because many wedding guests does not have to print pictures of the wedding with money out from their pockets. What Focus Booth can guarantee is that every wedding guest will be able to take home pictures from the event no matter how many copies it is – which makes it the best rental photo booth service in Toronto. Best of all, you can avail this service in a fair and competitive price.
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These are some of the reasons why lots of wedding couples fell in love with this photo booth service. Yet, realizing that Hashtag printing service in photo booths could be the next big thing in the weddings is no longer surprising for the reason that ever since it was launched in the wedding market, many wedding couples were challenged to try it out and ended up getting the results that are beyond their expectations.

Furthermore, contrary to the traditional wedding photography where the couples would only have pictures from the photographer they hired and nothing else, through Hashtag printing service of Focus Booth, you will be able to see the other side of your wedding that you were not able to see because you and your partner are busy entertaining the guests. But thanks to your wedding guests who took the time to snap pictures in your wedding day and tagged it to your social media account – compiling your wedding pictures to turn it into your bundle of joy to be shared to your friends and families as well as to your child and grandchildren becomes easy and effortless.

So if you are looking for the best rental photo booth service in Toronto for your wedding, never doubt the power of the Hashtag printing service in allowing you and your guests to save more memories of the special day and take it home with them. Keep in mind that the very reason why you invited so many people in your wedding is not only to celebrate with them but to share the same happy memories of the event. And this will only be possible if you will include in the photo booth you will rent the Hashtag printing service of Focus Booth.