Hashtag Printing Service in Toronto

Customize your strip to match your event!

Choose to display information about the user that took the photo

Option to show Show the caption of the photo

Option to show social platform it was was taken from (Instagram or Twitter)?

Option to hide all of that and just showcase your brand logo.

The day of spending money on expensive polaroids are OVER!

We are in a generation where every photo can / ( MUST ) be edited on our device and shared to the world.

Enjoy the latest trend in 2015 that is hashtag printing!

Happy hashtagging

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How it Works



Your guests will take many photos as they like using their own smart phones!

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They then upload them to their personal Instagram sites with your chosen #hashtag



Then guests can go to the station, search for their pictures and get print outs with your chosen branding on them.

The Latest Event Trend In 2019

Hashtag printing allows guests to print out photos they shared on social media: Instagram. It adds a fun and interactive element to your event, encouraging people to share their photos to receive a physical print. Delight them with instantly printed photos as you use this perfect opportunity to expand your brand’s social media outreach by having more interaction with your hashtag. Transform your event’s social media hashtag into an unforgettable live experience that’s worth sharing with friends and family.

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About Hashtag Printing Service

You know the feeling when you see beautiful photos of your event on Instagram, and just wish that you can keep those pictures forever? Well, your chance has arrived! Introducing our unique Instagram Hashtag Printing service, where any photo posted with a hashtag of your choice can be openly displayed on a slideshow and – best of all – printed out on the spot!

Social media has become the main platform to share photos taken in events, and amongst them, Instagram is one of the most popular. Being in the event business for years, we have seen more and more organisers create a customised hashtag for their own event, and asking guests to add it to caption photos that they post on Instagram. This is an amazing way to curate your event’s photos, but instead of having a digital curation, wouldn’t it be even better to own physical copies of those pictures instead? Imagine a personalised scrapbook of super candid photos taken by your beloved guests! Yes, that’s what we’re talking about!

Our Instagram Hashtag Printing service allows you to run a continuous slideshow of all photos posted on Instagram, that is captioned with the hashtag of your choice. And, when any of your guests see photos that they like, they can have them printed out immediately! Besides being a great source of fun and excitement, this is also a great idea for a personalised souvenir to hand out to your guests – envelopes of the best photos taken during the event. At the end of the night, you also get to choose the pictures you like best and have them made into a scrapbook just for you. No more having to enlarge thumbnails on a small screen to relive your event! Now, you can flip through the memories every day, anywhere you want!

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