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GSC holiday party photo booth rental

One of the most enjoyable aspects of any business meeting is meeting new individuals and networking in a different setting. You may even develop new business connections or friendships! But what if we told you that there was another method to enhance your fun at these events? And it doesn’t need exchanging business cards (though that may assist). We’re talking about photo booth pictures!

GSC’s holiday party was no exception, and everyone was eager to visit the booth upon arriving. You can’t blame us; after all, it is a classic icebreaker. Who doesn’t want to dress up as robots or rock stars? Or ogres?! It turns out some GSC party planners took their outfits more seriously and had chosen a theme for their party: The (Re)Roaring Twenties! Our wide range of designs and themes allow to match any event. There’s no need to leave this out when you want everyone to have a good time. We offers our guest 2×6 and 4×6 inch pictures as well as prints that may be reused, ensuring that everyone has a piece of the fun.

Themed events are actually quite popular, with holiday events being one of the most popular ones but Gatsby and Roaring Twenties is another common theme. GSC wanted a Roaring Twenties themed photograph booth to match with their party’s theme. They selected a classic shimmery gold backdrop and customized their prints with their business logo for their company gathering. Our crew supplied them with props to play around with, including stupid signs and objects like Mickey Mouse gloves. Guests were allowed to pilfer things from the prop table and take pictures with coworkers while they were there. Guests had something amusing to do during the downtime in the program, owing to the picture booth rental. Each component was specifically built for their company event, as well as capturing the mood. It gave their already great party even more excitement. We’re delighted to inform you that GSC was able to add a lot of fun to its business get-together this hire!

It’s apparent that hiring for a special event is one of the most effective ways to preserve memories. It’s ideal for smaller gatherings like birthday parties to larger and more formal occasions like weddings since it gives guests something unique and extraordinary they can take home as a party favor. It’s clear to see that the GSC had an amazing time with their party, and so will you with a something special on board. At Focus Booth, we have a variety of it, ranging from modern classic ones to more current types like gif and hashtag booths! On our website, you may select between a more silly style or a themed one like GSC chose for their employees. With so many options to choose from, why not contact us and have a rental that’s more fun than ever before? With our huge selection, customized prints, backdrops, and accessories, there’s nothing else you could ask for. We hope you enjoyed viewing GSC’s Great Gatsby themed party and we’re excited to hear of your upcoming event!

GSC’s holiday party was a huge success, and it’s not surprising given the mood enhancer that was their picture booth. We hope you enjoyed viewing GSC’s Roaring Twenties themed party and we’re excited to hear of your upcoming events! Contact us today for your next celebration!