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Everything You Need to know to Set Up A DIY Photo Booth For Your Next Event

Take amazing, funny, creative photos at your next party by setting up a photo booth! All you need are some simple supplies and props to create an instant photo station that your guests will love. Toronto Photo Booth have put together everything you need to know about creating your own DIY photo booth for your next Party.

DIY Photo Booth Supplies

1. Digital Camera

This can be as simple as a digital camera with a photo booth function, or you can choose to use your DSLR. If using your DSLR, either set it up on the tripod and attach it to the remote so you don’t have to stand there and press the shutter button or create a wireless remote.

2. Photobooth Button

This is a device that you can either plug into your camera to automatically take photos, or it can be something like the classic red button that you press to take multiple photos.

3. Tripod

You will need a tripod for the DSLR if using this function. If using a digital camera with a photo booth function, you do not need a tripod. Just prop the camera wherever it is most convenient for your guests to stand and take photos.

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4. Green Screen

You can set up a green screen behind your photo station to create cool effects in post-production editing (i.e.: putting people’s head on another person’s body). If you do not have a green screen, you can use a blank wall and edit out the background in Photoshop.

5. Props

Props are an essential part of your photo booth! They help get people into character and create hilarious situations for that perfect shot. You can buy costume props or just get creative and make some yourself:

Step-by-step instructions

Photobooth Toronto have compiled on how to set up your photo booth are:

  1. Set up your camera, tripod, and/or green screen in an area where guests will have space to come in and take photos.
  2. Plug in the photo booth button to your camera, or use a remote clicker if you have one for your DSLR
  3. Props!
  4. The Best Part…Take Photos!

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