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Event Photo Booth with Sparkle Backdrop| Wonk Prom

Prom is one of the most important nights for people in high school. It’s a chance to dress up and have some fun with your friends before you graduate! Make this year even more special by hiring company like Focus Booth that provides an amazing experience for everyone involved! Our booths are available all over Toronto so we can help celebrate any celebratory event, no matter how big or small. We’d also love to hear about your plans for after graduation- there’s only 365 days until it happens again (but don’t worry- our photographs booths make great senior night photos too!)

When the Ryerson Leadership Lab decided to rent a Toronto photo booth, they wanted to create some fun photographs for members to take home with them. They got exactly what they desired, and everyone was able to mingle together and depart with a special memory. The party planners noticed that utilizing a well-managed booth with interesting props for guests to play around with at any time during the celebration added an extra touch of individuality, so they contacted us at Focus Booth. It turned out that this decision made all the difference! The Ryerson Leadership Lab’s rental was a big hit, and everyone loved the hand-held props, hilarious masks, and funny hats. We’re pleased that the Ryerson Leadership Lab students were able to take a break from studying to capture some silly photos of themselves in celebration. They were able to customize their prints and backgrounds. A glittery gold backdrop was chosen by them, and we were able to include their hashtag on their prints. Overall, everyone had a great time remembering Wonk Prom!

A photo booth is a great way to ensure that everyone has fun and gets their picture taken at prom. Proms are important events for all students, so it’s important you’re including them in yours! Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • You can get creative by doing different poses or using props like hats and boas – It will be an activity during open dance time so no one feels left out when there isn’t music playing
  • Everyone will want to use the photos as profile pictures on social media afterward because they look so good!
  • It is a great opportunity to get some more candid photos of your friends that you might not otherwise see
  • It lets everyone take home a special memory of the night
  • Custom prom hashtags can be added onto your prints!

Renting from Focus Booth is an excellent method to spice up any event, from weddings to graduations to birthdays to even work parties! Booth rentals allow staff members to have fun together with their friends and family in front of custom backdrops that they may print right away! Without having to worry about editing them later, picture booth rentals make it simple for anybody to take amusing photos at an event without spending a fortune. Talk to us today to book for your next party!