#EmployeeAppreciationDay: Ways to Show Your Love to Your Hardworking Employees

Employee Appreciation Ideas

You have probably heard about an employer in America who increased his employee’s salary in their first month of working, gave them sick leaves, vacation leaves, and incentives for a job well done as well as health and accident insurances. And do you know what happen in the next 2 months? The profit of the company has escalated to an all-time high. Amazing isn’t it?

This story is a classic example that reflects the old maxim “take care of your employees and they will take care of your business”. It cannot be denied that the way how employers treat their employees has a fundamental effect to their performance, productivity and mindset towards. When employees are motivated, they become success-driven people because they believe that it’s not only the company that will benefit from it, but they are as well. And if employers know how to appreciate their employees, this helps in ensuring their loyalty and it motivates them to perform better and succeed in their work.

Many studies have shown that a bad boss has a great impact to the physical and mental wellness of the employees, which sometimes result to lots of resignation. But if you know how to value your employees without making them feel that they are just some sort of object that can be replaced anytime, you can expect a good future for your business. That is because your employees will take the initiative to take good care of your business. Note that, it’s not the company or the type of work that pushes a person to leave their job; it’s the people they are working with. And no matter how difficult the job is, as long as the working environment is healthy and inviting, no employee would ever leave your company.

Although giving away monetary rewards, awards, certificates and accolades are some of the things that were given by employers to their employees to show their appreciation, there are things also that could give an everlasting happiness and pure entertainment to the employees which will retain in their memories – that is treating your employees outside for some fun time and nailing the day with picture-taking in photo booths.

employee appreciation ideas

You’ll probably raise your eyebrows upon hearing that photo booths could be one of the best treats you can give to your staff. But if you will think of how pictures could give a lasting impression, you will certainly agree to the idea that photo booth indeed is a good way to show how pleased you are with the hard work of your employees showing day-by-day. So for your #employeeappreciationday, here are the things that you can do for your mighty team including, of course, the photo booth:

1 – Treat your employees for breakfast, lunch or dinner on one of the best places in town. You can leverage food in making your employees more engaged and happier because the food is one of their most fundamental nourishment. But if you wanted to keep the bond between you and your employees, you can set up company-wide meals where it encourages the employees to mingle and have them talking across teams.

2 – A company dance or guitar hero face-off – Spend some time challenging your employees to compete with one another through dance or guitar hero. Aside from the fact that it relieves your employees from the everyday stress in work, you also give them the time to enjoy the day. And to make the face-off even more challenging you can provide special prizes for the top three contenders.

3 – Karaoke sing-off – Your employees might have hidden talents, and one of them could be singing. You can ask your employees to join you in a karaoke sing-off and let them take a shot in singing. And those who have high scores could get a chance to win gift check from a favorite shopping mall or supermarket from you.

4 – Saying Thank you to your Employees personally – There’s nothing more heartwarming and appreciating to employees than thanking your employees for their hard work and loyalty personally. You can do this by going around each and every office and say how much you appreciate their dedication towards work. This might be daunting if you have a big office but showing your love to your employees could motivate them to outperform their selves and do better.

5 – If your company is always jam-packed with meetings, make at least the #employeeappreciationday a meeting-free day. Even employees want to take a break from countless meetings and doing this even for one day would be appreciated most. That is because seriously, no one wants to sit from one meeting to another the entire day.

6 – Invite your employees to show their best pose in the photo booth and have it posted in the break room, hallway or even in your company website. You can join your employees in unleashing the funny humor in you in the photo booth which will surely be a hit. This is a good way to show your employees that even if you are the boss, you are still the person with a soft spot that they can approach and depend on in times of troubles at work. Mingling with your employees in such important events encourages them to become more involved and committed to their work because the impression of being in one team gives them a positive outlook in work. And to make that single day event even more memorable, you can have your photos taken with each and every employee or have a group photos with them which you can display in your office or in the hallway.

So why choose the photo booth rental services of Focus Booth for your Employee Appreciation day and other company events? Focus booth is one of the finest photo booth rental services in Toronto that could help you set up a specialty photo booth for your Employee Appreciation Day. They provide costumes and props that could help enhance their wacky poses in front of the camera. They print the pictures on the site so that your employees will be able to take home their pictures taken on this special day. And to make their photo booth experience even more personalized, you can ask the people in Focus Booth to create you a customized photo strip that will commemorate the day how you show your in-depth gratitude to your employees.

Other reasons why photo booth is included in the list as a good way to show your appreciation to your employees is that you allow your employees to save one of their best days in their career at your company. Your employees will be able to post their pictures in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share to their friends and family. Seeing the happy and satisfied faces of your employees in the pictures is a good sign that your employees appreciates everything you do for them whether its Employee Appreciation Day or not. If you’re holding a big event such as a gala for your employees, be sure to read a little about how to  integrate photo booth to market your brand better

Moreover, having happy employees in a company could create a good impression to the consumers that the products or services that your business is offering could also provide the same satisfaction that the employees are experiencing from their employer. So think of having well-appreciated employees as having a happy customer that will keep on patronizing your brand.

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