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Critical Steps to Ensure You’re Offering Free Photo Booth Events Properly

Working an event for free may be a touchy subject among photo booth operators. The fact is that it can be quite beneficial to your photography business.

Today, Toronto Photo Booth are going to be going over a few tips that’ll help ensure that when you offer a free event you’re doing it in the most beneficial way possible.

Here are 4 steps by Toronto Photobooth to ensure your offering of free photo booth events properly:

First Step

The first and most important thing that you need to take into consideration is the purpose of your free photo booth rental. Are you just doing it just for exposure, to test the waters at a potential event you may want to work in future? Or are you actually using it as an opportunity to generate repeat business? Let’s keep things real for a moment. It is not financially viable to work a free event in hope of making a name for yourself.

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Second Step

Once you’ve figured out why your doing the free photo booth rental, carefully calculate how much exposure you’ll be getting from it. If you’re doing this as an exposure tactic, consider who the target audience is going to be and ask yourself whether you can get enough exposure from this group to take the risk. If it’s a young age demographic, chances are your going to have a tough time reaching them through other means advertising wise.

Third Step

When publicizing the free photo booth event, consider how much work is going to go into setting up a booth for free.

Fourth Step

Finally, make sure that if your going to offer a free event you get something out of it (additional exposure or potential future business). If you can’t do this then perhaps its time to have a good think about whether giving out the photo booth for free is really worth all the effort.

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