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Corporate Event Photo Booth Toronto | Elte

Let’s be honest. The best part of any corporate event is the networking and getting to know people you work with in a different setting. You may even make some new business connections or friends! But, what if we told you that there was an additional way to increase your fun at these events? And, it doesn’t involve swapping business cards (although that might help). We’re talking about photo booth rentals for your next event! When ELTE reached out to us, asking about photograph booth for their next corporate event, Focus Booth was happy to help! 

If you’re planning an event for your company, why not add something fun to the mix? That’s exactly what the event planners did at ELTE. Focus Booth offers a variety of  designs and themes so that it can fit in perfectly at any corporate event. From weddings to fundraisers – even birthday parties – there is no reason that this shouldn’t be added into the mix when you want everyone having fun. Focus Booth offers 2×6 inch and 4×6 inch photos for guests to take home, as well as unlimited prints so that everyone can take home a piece of the party. 

ELTE settled on a fun glittery gold backdrop for their corporate event, and they chose to customize their prints as well with their company logo. Our staff brought props for them to play around with, from feather boas to mickey mouse headbands. Guests were able to freely grab props and snap photo rental booth pictures while interacting with coworkers. It also gave guests something fun to do when in between events on the agenda. A lot of the staff also noted how each aspect of the component had been tailored to their corporate event while also capturing the atmosphere. It made their already amazing party even more fantastic. We’re happy to say that the staff at ELTE were able to spice up their corporate event! 

It’s safe to say that hiring a photo booth for an event is one of the most effective methods to preserve memories. It’s perfect for smaller events like birthday parties to bigger and more formal events like weddings as it gives guests something unique and special that they can take home with them as a party favor. But it is also a fabulous addition to an event like a corporate event, where participants may be more hesitant to mingle. Are you a fan of picture booths? They’re here to stay, so why not look at our selection and choose whether you want a more goofy style or a more traditional one like that ELTE chose for their staff. With our wide range of rentals, and customized prints, backdrops, and props, what more could you ask for? Come talk to us today to book for your next event.