Boomerang Booth

Welcome to Boomerang Booth, where we bring the joy and excitement of boomerang videos to your event in Toronto. Our mission is to capture the essence of movement, laughter, and celebration, creating unforgettable moments that will make your event truly memorable.

At Boomerang Booth, we offer a unique and interactive experience that allows your guests to create boomerang videos and instantly share them digitally. Our booth is equipped with cutting-edge technology that captures a burst of photos, seamlessly stitches them together, and transforms them into captivating boomerang videos. With just a few taps on the screen, your guests can have their boomerang video ready to share with friends, family, or on their favorite social media platforms.

After each boomerang session, our booth provides a quick and convenient way for users to send their boomerang videos to themselves digitally. Guests can choose to receive their videos via email or SMS text, ensuring they have a digital copy that they can enjoy and share instantly. This feature allows your guests to relive the fun and excitement of their boomerang experience long after the event has ended.

But the digital sharing doesn’t end there. Our booth also offers the option to share boomerang videos directly on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Your guests can instantly upload their boomerang videos and tag your event or use event-specific hashtags, creating a buzz and generating excitement among attendees and those following your event online.

Boomerang Booth understands the importance of capturing memories and making them easily accessible. That’s why our digital sharing capabilities ensure that your guests can effortlessly relive and share the joyous moments they experienced in the booth. The convenience and immediacy of our digital delivery system make it a breeze for guests to connect with their boomerang videos and share them with their social networks.

Our team of enthusiastic attendants is always on hand to assist your guests with the digital sharing process. They will guide your guests through the steps, ensuring that everyone can effortlessly send and receive their boomerang videos. Our attendants are knowledgeable about the technology and are committed to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that your guests have a seamless and enjoyable experience from start to finish.

Book the Boomerang Booth for your next event and watch as your guests unleash their creativity and create boomerang videos that will be cherished and shared digitally. Let us bring the excitement and energy of boomerang videos to your event in Toronto, providing an interactive and unforgettable experience for all.