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Best Lighting Setup Kits for Events, Weddings and Parties

Photo booths can be a great source of entertainment for events such as weddings, anniversaries and other parties. You can easily set up a photo booth or rent one from a photo booth rental company.

Photo booths are not difficult to operate; the quality of your images really depends on the lighting setup you use. The best photo booth lighting is achieved by using professional lighting kit.

The Toronto Photo booth shall explain DIY photo booth lighting kit should include:

Light stands

A good quality light stand can be expensive, but it is worth spending money on it. It is important to set up the stand in a place that is likely to be used for photo booth. The floor, table top or ground are all good options.

Light stands are available in different sizes; choose light stands that can hold at least 5 pounds of weight.  You will need only one light stand per lighting kit setup.

Strip softbox

A strip light is a parabolic umbrella with a silver reflective surface. You can use strip softboxes to achieve studio-quality lighting from portable photo booth kits. If you have two of them, that will be great for your kit. These are lightweight and affordable softboxes that are perfect for small events.

Strip softbox can be attached to the light stand using an umbrella swivel adapter. Note that strip softboxes do not have a hole for carrying them on the light stands, so some DIY work is required. See video tutorial below by photographer Philip Bloom.

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A white super-wide parabolic umbrella should provide excellent lighting for your photo booth. If you do not have one, purchase an inexpensive white reflective umbrella. Umbrella swivel adapter can also be used to attach the umbrella to the light stand.


To cover all of your bases, you will need a flash with a wireless trigger. A Nikon SB-900 or a Canon 580 EX II will work well for your kit, but you can purchase a cheaper third party flash as well.

When attaching the flash to the light stand, be sure to use a heavy duty cold shoe . It is best to secure the umbrella on one side of the light stand, while the flash is on the other side.

Wireless trigger

A wireless trigger sends the signal from your camera to the flash so that it can be fired without any delay. You may also use an optical trigger for this purpose, but they are more difficult to use compared with radio triggers. Purchase a set of radio transmitters and receivers .

Diffusion panel

A small diffusion panel placed between the flash and umbrella can help soften the light. It is also helpful for preventing hot spots, which are bright areas in an image caused by direct flash exposure. Make sure to purchase a large diffusion panel that is big enough for your flash.

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