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Athletic Banquet Party Event Photo Booth

Our Toronto photo booth rental gets us into all kinds of great parties. Like when we went to the ACCI athletic banquet and met this sporty bunch of fun-loving people.

For their event, they needed something exciting, active and memorable with a tropical theme. A photograph booth was the perfect solution. With pineapples and Pina Coladas, we made some magic happen.

Did they get hyped to see our set up? Yes, they did and soon everyone was onto round two of dressing up in cool props for photos. With sunnies, signs, colorful leis and some blow-up palm trees, the tropical theme was right on point. 

For the photo strips, we added some graphics, including flip flops, sunglasses and beach towels. The booth was more fun than a day at the beach. For themed parties the printouts are easy to style. You can be formal, classic, bright, elegant, modern – the possibilities are endless. The designs are total awesomeness and there are many styles to choose from. You can see some samples here to get inspiration and ideas for what you might want for your strips. You can select 2×6 inch or 4×6 inch prints and prints are unlimited.

It is an affordable way to add an activity or form of entertainment to your party. It’s always popular and you get something to keep to look back on the fab night of celebrating. People love carrying the photos around in their purse or on the fridge. You can even frame the photo strips if you want to keep them for a long time. 

For the best Picture booth services, you have found us. We are a snap-happy bunch who love photos and we hope to catch you soon! Drop us a line for more info. Did someone say party? We are there!

Toronto Photo Booth Rental

Focus booth is a premier photo booth rental company based in Toronto. Impress your guest with top notch service and guaranteed fun at your next event. 

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