Ideas in Assembling Your Own Photo Booth

The Photo booths have created a global phenomenon and have become one of the most lucrative businesses there is in this digital era. The popularity of this instant photo printing technology used in various events and occasions have made waves especially in 2015 where it has become a trend and a vogue to make parties and other social gatherings more exhilarating, entertaining and absolutely awesome and leave a lasting and one-of-a-kind experience for the event hosts and all their guests.

However, creating a photo booth business is no easy job; it’s easier said than done, so to speak. Starting this type of business would entail knowledge and technical skills to make a photo booth and make it work. Once the photo booths are ready to launch, you now have to know the strategies to keep them running for a continuous money flow; well is a business per se and the goal is to make it successfully earn you profits. A matter of fact is that even business icons from other industries planning to enter the photo booth business have a high risk of failure especially when they start quickly not knowing anything about what are the essential components, the needed specifications of all the materials to be used and, of course, a little expertise in photography.

Traditionally, photo booths are made up of a small enclosed space where one or two people sit on a chair or a bench to have their photos captured via a coin or remote control-operated camera. However, photo booths have been revolutionized and have taken a much bigger leap as the world becomes more digital and technologically advanced. What were photo booths then have dramatically changed especially in terms of the essential components of the modern photo booths that our toronto photo booth rental company offers of today.

  • For the photo booth itself, the structure should easily be put up and brought down in as short a span of time as possible. Just an expert opinion that Focus Booth would want to share is that this consideration is very important because it would also provide the convenience of storage and transport of the photo booth shell.
  • As for the camera, you can actually choose and make use of a middle range DSLR camera type especially when you are starting the photo booth business with limited resources. It is very important to take into consideration to choose a camera with video functions and capability. What’s more imperative to bear in mind is choosing the type which capture images in high resolution. Choose a camera that can also be plugged using an AC adapter so there won’t be anything to worry about in terms of losing power in the middle of the event during a photo booth session.
  • Also, you wouldn’t have to invest in the most modern laptop when putting up a photo booth business unless of course you have money to spend for high-end and highly advanced laptop brands in the market. The trick is to just provide a basic laptop with the necessary programs. The laptop that you are going to need would not require a huge memory capacity because you would only need just a bit of the memory for image storage and of course to run the basic software.
  • Mounted directly inside the photo booth, one of the most important equipment would be the monitor, and preferably a touch screen monitor is recommended. A 22-inch LED display monitor would be perfect so that all the guests of the event who wants to use the photo booth can see and be entertained with their own poses just by looking into the high-resolution monitor.

These are actually the basic equipment that are needed to put up a photo booth. However, what makes our toronto photo booth rental company even more exciting are the photo printouts that the guests may bring home as a souvenir because they get to bring home a tangible memorable object to remember a momentous event with. This brings up the issue as to what is the best printer to be used for a photo booth business; the ink jet printers or the dye sub printers.

  • The Inkjet Printer is one of the widely used types of printer and it works by producing a hard copy of the images captured in a digital camera by propelled droplets of ink of various tints onto the surface of a paper, plastic or other materials. What makes these ink jet printers better than all other models is that it produces finer prints quietly with smoother details and higher resolution. It is actually one of the best choices in photography printing. Practically, these printers do not require warm up time and is cost efficient compared to other technologically advanced printers.
  • The Dye Sublimation Printer on the other hand is a type of printer that utilizes heat to be able to transfer the dye onto surfaces of various types of materials such as fabric, card board, paper or plastic. The dye or the colors are applied to the surfaces using the sublimation process where there is transition from solid to gas without having to assume a liquid form. This type of printer is primarily designed for more efficient, highly vibrant photographic printouts.

Understanding and knowing about these best choices of printers that are used by most photo booth companies, you will be able to decide which best fits your photo booth business. However, fact is that most companies would choose the dye sub printer over the ink jet printers; here are the reasons why:

  • Dye sub printers have the advantage of printing high resolution images onto solid surfaces. In fact, these types of printers are the ones being used to print various stuffs like water bottles, ceramic mugs, license plates, ceramic tiles, glass, polyester shirts, fabric puzzles, poker chips, name badges and a lot more.
  • With the use of this kind of printer, the choices of the colors and shades are almost unlimited. Thousands of color variations can be done with the use of a sub dye printer.
  • One of the best advantages of the dye sub printers would be its practicality in terms of the production because it would have the same cost if you would print a single item and 1000 items.
  • You can absolutely customize and tailor-fit any design with the use of this type of printer.
  • Another best thing about the dye sub printers is that it allows same day and same hour printing including on-demand printing. This reduces the possibility of wastage.

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