Photo Booth Rental Toronto


Alice & Tim

The wedding reception for Tim and Alice was a lot of fun! The celebration went on till late, as planned, with friends and family mingling together. It was wonderful to be able to converse with friends and relatives while still having a fantastic time! Our photo booth rental injected an unusual element into the celebration. It made for a wonderful introduction for two strangers to meet and converse without knowing one another, as well as their first experience seeing it in this way. It was well-received, especially since this was the first opportunity to witness it like this. Guests adored it since it allowed them to see things from a fresh perspective, and they all had a fantastic time! It really enhanced the party atmosphere. It improved the entire ambiance and was lots of fun! Everyone was able to use props and have a memento of the evening. 

It was a lot of fun for everyone involved working with Tim and Alice to create their ideal wedding photo booth! They were clear on where they wanted the session to go, so we were delighted to assist them in achieving it. The photographs will undoubtedly be a cherished event for future generations to enjoy. Tim and Alice certainly knew how to have a good time, with all of the decorations and food! These photographs will undoubtedly be a lasting memory for future generations. Our staff at Focus Booth handled every aspect of the occasion, from start to finish, so that our couple was able to enjoy themselves. The couple opted for a classic white background. They chose to add a QR code as well as their names and the date for a more personalized print. The white backdrop was a classic and tied in perfectly with their party theme and everyone’s outfits. There were plenty of hilarious images for everyone, from loved ones and friends to the gorgeous married couple themselves. The photograph booth delighted guests with a choice of amusing themed props that would undoubtedly produce lasting memories.

We were honored to be asked to join in the wedding celebration of Tim and Alice! We’re excited to inform you that everything went extremely well. We go above and beyond to make sure everyone has a good time during the photograph-booth hire, as well as ensuring that everything goes according to plan. We were ecstatic to be able to assist with the wedding day, giving each of our clients a cherished memento they can keep forever. Our customers were happy with the photographs, and everyone was able to choose from a 2×6 or 4×6 inch picture as part of our package, allowing everyone to take home a memory of the special night. We were ecstatic to see photos on social media, and everyone had a wonderful time in the photo booth.

Rental of a Toronto photo booth may be used for almost every event, from a birthday party to a more conventional occasion like a wedding! The biggest benefit of hiring it is that you can make virtually any change to the backdrop, props, or type of booth! It’s a fantastic method to commemorate, and we’re looking forward to more rentals in the future! We recommend you contact Focus Booth if you want to guarantee a wonderful party and hilarious memories.