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9 Tips to Survive a DIY Photo Booth Experience

In the last few years, photo booths have been popping up everywhere from weddings to bridal showers to bachelorette parties. While they’re a novel concept with a lot of fun involved, it can be daunting if you’re not too keen on having your picture taken, especially with a bunch of strangers!

Here are some ways by Toronto Photobooth to get the most out of your DIY photo booth experience.

1. First is Safety

Let your guests know ahead of time that the booth is equipped with a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit. Make sure they feel safe and secure in their surroundings and don’t be afraid to ask if anyone feels uncomfortable at any point throughout the party/event.

2. Pick the right spot

We understand that any surface is technically a “place,” but you’ll have more fun with your set-up if you try to pick the area that would be least disruptive to guests in attendance.

The best place for your photo booth is not in the middle of the dance floor, please. Try to place your photo booth somewhere with a little more breathing room so that it doesn’t detract from the party.

3. Bring props (seriously!)

Props are necessary for photo-booth fun, and you can find them everywhere! Don’t spend time looking for things to use as accessories, just ask around if someone would be willing to donate a few to your cause.

There’s no need to spend money here, and asking friends and family is always a good bet.

4. Don’t be afraid of getting dirty!

This isn’t the place to practice your red-carpet pose; everyone else will be jumping around and making ridiculous faces. Get a little crazy and embrace the silliness of the moment!

5. Make it a group photo-booth experience

If at all possible, get everyone into the picture! It’s always fun to see what hilarious combinations you can come up with when more people are involved. You could also try creating a story in each set of photos.

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6. Don’t be shy!

If someone has a camera pointed at you, you may get nervous and freeze up—or worse, look away from the lens. It’s just a photo of you after all, so don’t worry about being your best.

Just have fun! And if you’re having trouble not posing, tell yourself no one will see the photos, since most likely they’ll end up online (and everywhere else you don’t want them).

7. Don’t be an over-sharer

Unless you’re really close to someone, don’t share any more than necessary; the last thing you want is for your picture to end up in the wrong hands.

8. Know when it’s time to stop

Remember that not all good things must come to an end, but this photo booth experience should probably be one of them! You should do what feels right for you, but since this is a one-time event, you can really go wild with the number of photos taken.

9. Keep it all in perspective

When people offer to take your photo, they’re not trying to make fun of you; they probably just want a nice picture! Don’t take yourself so seriously, and just have fun with it.

Toronto Photo Booth hope that these tips will help you enjoy the photo-booth experience as much as possible! Now go out there and take some great photos.