Pose like a Pro: 75 Unique Photo Booth Pose Ideas that Should be your Next Photo Booth Goals

Photo Booth Pose Ideas

The photo booth is one of the anticipated attractions in important events that include birthdays, weddings, prom and corporate parties, where guests can snap strips of photos with their friends and family to commemorate the occasion. The creativity and quirkiness in every photo surface once people start to reveal their other side in front of the camera. And with the help of costumes, unique poses, and a little drama, people can expect remarkable high-quality photos that are worth cherishing – thanks to photo booths and fun accessories that spices up the images produced.

However, the most challenging part in having your photos snapped in photo booths is striking up the pose that will make it unique from the others. Note that what makes a photo totally impressive is how you will be able to nail a pose without trying too hard or looking awkward, for the reason that the photos will be your living proof that you’ve been there. So if you are going to attend another special occasion where your friends will certainly pull you with them to have your pictures taken in the photo booth, might as well consider practicing the following photo booth poses in the mirror and have the striking pose ready on the day of massive photo shooting in the photo booth.


For Couples in Love

  • The Surprise Kiss – Nothing is sweeter than a surprised kiss caught in the photo to show how much you adore each other. A natural reaction to a surprise kiss and its timely execution is what makes this photo booth pose idea simply a must try by couples.
  • The Smooch – Love will overflow in the photo booth when you pucker up and give your significant other a big smooch. This can also be done both by couples to show their affection in strips.
  • The Lift – If the photo booth has enough space, you can lift your partner with your strong arms or give them a piggy back ride while the camera keeps on snapping the photos. Have fun as you do this and let the camera do its job in capturing your genuine sweet smiles.
  • The “Who’s the Boss” – This is done by having the girl lead the guy, where she pulls his tie in a playful tease.
  • The Reeling the Fishing Pole – This photo booth pose idea requires you to put a little drama where you caught yourself a priceless treasure – your partner!
  • The KPOP Heart in Hands – This pose is often found in Asian Drama and this can also be done in a photo booth where a hand from the man and a hand from the woman is brought together to form a heart shape. This can be mixed with giving a sweet kiss to your partner as you create the heart shape with your hands.
  • The Blow and Catch Kisses – Make your photo booth picture cute and simple by blowing a kiss to your partner while they catch it.
  • The Flirtatious Wink – Level up your photo booth pose with your partner by winking at them while the other look flattered.
  • The Reenactment of Proposal – You can now put the proposal in pictures by reenacting how you dropped the big question to your partner in the photo booth.

For the Ladies

  • The Charlie’s Angels Pose – Together with your girlfriends, you can imitate the iconic Charlie’s Angel ready to fight poses in the photo booth regardless of the props that you will be holding – as long as the attitude is there.
  • The Supermodel Shoot – Be the supermodel in the photo booth by striking your fiercest sexy pose as if you will be the next cover girl of many fashion magazines.
  • The Beauty Queens – Reenact the moment how iconic beauty queens reacted when they won the beauty title using the props provided in the photo booth.
  • The Kiss the Bride – This photo booth pose can be done by making a bride sandwich where each lady kisses the cheek of the bride.

For the Gentlemen

  • The Flex that Muscles – Show your masculinity in the photo booth by flexing your muscles in front of the camera the way Johnny Bravo use to impress the ladies. Yo Mama!
  • The Fake Fight – Be the cool guys in action movies by reenacting your favorite scenes or acting out a punch scene while your friends give an overacting reaction to it.
  • The Star Wars Memorable Light Saber Fights – Using the props in the photo booth, gents can reenact the famous lightsaber fight scene of the Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.
  • The Theatrical Movie Poses – Make fun with the famous theatrical poses of the cast of favorite movies and TV series by putting a twist on the expressions and props used – whether it’s the cast of the Walking Dead ready to fight the zombies or the Avengers posing for the impending great battle.
  • The Too Cool for School – This photo booth pose can be done by folding your arms and acting cool in front of the camera while others can do the brushing up the hair or pulling their jackets.
  • The Head 2 Head – Bring the Rocky Balboa spirit in the photo booth pictures by pretending in the photos that you are squaring off head to head.
  • The Salute – This classic pose never fail to give an impressive photo.

Reenactments of Famous Dance Moves

Famous dance moves do wonders in the photo booth as this brings out the funny sides of the people. You can ask your friends to do the Napolean Dynamite Dance Move, the Macarena, Harlem Shake, Gangnam Style, Disco Fever, the Robot, the NaeNae or the famous Chicken Dance. These dance moves would certainly make your day worth remembering as you look them on the snapped photos in the photo booth.

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Iconic Poses

You can play the every snap of the photo by striking the miscellaneous poses that give entertaining story to your pictures. Such miscellaneous poses worth trying in the photo booth which is doable with the gang are:

  • The Grenade – This is done by having the first shot with you holding a grenade, the second has you dropped the grenade, the third is the surprise or panicking look in the face and the fourth is your reaction to the explosion.
  • The Football Pose – You can bring your love for football in the photo booth by striking the Heisman Football pose.
  • The YMCA – this can be done all by yourself where you strike the pose of each letter of the popular Village People, or ask your other three friends to do the popular symbols in each shot.
  • The Rock Stars – You and your friends could be the next rock stars owning the stage by simply banging your head and throwing up the rock sign devil horns as the camera keeps getting the shots.
  • The Hashtag/Fansign – Pose with your friends while holding a fan sign with the hashtag of the event written while you are making a comical face.

The “Only Me” Poses

  • One Pose in All Pictures – This is the easiest pose you can do in the photo booth, what you will need is just to stay still in front of the camera as you take the shots.
  • The Slow Motion – You can play each frame of the shots by employing a slow motion shot where each frame depicts each action.
  • The Four corners – you can do this shot by placing your head in every corner of the picture in each image.
  • Through the Peep Hole – This is done by filling up the whole screen with your face as if you are peeping in a hole.
  • Blown by the Wind – This photo booth pose is done by acting as if you are being blown away by a strong wind. And when it comes to expression, you really have to be artistic to this.

 Different Shades of You

You can strike a photo booth pose by showing the real you in various shades of emotions such as happy, content, delighted, sad, nervous, embarrassed, angry, bored, annoyed, devious, tongue out, surprised, exhausted, tired, grumpy, cute, proud, snob, evil, sour, brat, scared, excited, studly, stoic, tough, intense, thinking, relieved, goofy, serious, duck lips, confused and worried, duck face, “are you kidding me?” and “what’s up”.