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7 Tips For Creating A Simple DIY Photobooth

Do you plan an event, a party or a wedding? A photobooth can be a great way to entertain your guests and create a fun atmosphere. Besides that it is a nice addition for your pictures during the day. Here are 7 tips by Toronto Photo Booth to guide you through the process of Setting up booth:

1. Photo booth set-up

First of all, let’s talk about where you should set up your photo booth. Of course, it can be inside or outside depending on the weather and space availability. You will need some place to attach the camera on top of so make sure this place is sturdy enough to support it (no tree branches for example). It also needs to be easily accessible by your guests.

If you plan to use this photo booth during the cocktail or dinner hour, be sure that your guests do not go through a lot of effort just to get their picture taken.

2. Choose your camera

There are several types of cameras available on the market today and they all have their pros and cons. Your choice will depend upon your budget and the type of pictures you want. Once you decide on the camera, make sure to test it beforehand and check whether everything works as expected. Some cameras have a self-timer feature which is essential for group photos.

3. Photobooth background

Now that we discussed the technical details, let’s talk about what actually happens inside your photobooth. You want your guests to be able to capture some nice memories, so plan ahead and use a background which matches the theme of your event. For example it would look out of place if you used winter themed props for an outdoor summer wedding photobooth.

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4. Props and fun accessories

What does a photo booth without silly hats or funny glasses look like? Props are essential to make your photobooth fun and interesting for your guests. Try using anything that is wearable or can be held in the picture by your guests. It does not have to be traditional items either, you can also use toys or funny signs!

5. Enhance the pictures with overlays

After taking the pictures it is time to enhance them by adding some creative overlays. Drawings, funny texts or other special effects can turn your simple picture into a work of art!

6. Decide what you will offer

What type of souvenirs do you want your guests to take home with them? Will they receive a printed copy or just receive the digital files? Will there be a time limit for taking pictures or you want to offer your guests unlimited photobooth fun?

7. Tell your guests about it!

Don’t forget to tell your guests what they should expect from this adventure. They need some time to prepare, take their shoes off if necessary and gather around the camera. You can even provide them with some guidelines and ideas of what to do (and not to do) during the photobooth session.