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5 Tips For Renting a Wedding Photo Booth

The proliferation of photo booths at weddings, birthday parties and events has almost become de rigueur. Booths are easy to rent (often available online) and they’re usually inexpensive.

Toronto Photo Booth have got some top of the line Tips for your Wedding Photo Booth:

1. Set up a schedule for your booth attendant

That person (or people) should be present during all photo booth hours because you don’t know who will approach it or if people will attempt to access the booth when they shouldn’t.

2. Make sure the photo booth company has insurance

Event insurance is not standard for photo booths. If your booth provider carries their own insurance, ask for a copy of it. If you’re concerned about something happening during the event, tell your provider beforehand. That way if there are any accidents or injuries, they can plan accordingly.

3. Discuss who should man the booth

Do you want the photo booth company to staff the booth themselves? If so, what’s their experience with operating a photo booth? Or would you rather your guests be able to take photos without having to seek out help from someone they don’t know?

This is where it’ll come in handy if you’ve toured the photo booth prior to booking, or at least checked out pictures of the booth they offer. A lot of companies have an attendant in traditional uniforms to man the booth at all times during its hours, while others let people take photos on their own, but when having that done be sure to ask when the printouts are ready for distribution or if you need to collect them yourself when time is up.

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4. Make sure the photo booth’s prints are in line with your event’s style

There are traditional, tabletop booths and floor-standing ones. But there are also modern LED booths which can be decorated to match your theme or color scheme. Just make sure you know what you’re getting (a prop kit, for example) and that it fits within your event’s budget.

5. Set expectations with guests before the day of the event

The more you can tell people about the photo booth, including where they should expect it to be and how long it will be open for, the better.

And if your wedding is outdoors or on a farm where there isn’t much seating, make sure everyone knows where to go so they don’t miss out on the booth.

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