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4 Reasons Why You NEED a Photo Booth at Your Next Tradeshow!

Without a doubt, photo booths can be beneficial in so many ways outside of weddings and other social gatherings. Taking advantage of a contemporary photo booth, such as the Salsa booth, might not only enhance the general visitor experience at your next trade show or convention, but it may also function as an extremely effective marketing tool.

Here are four reasons by Toronto Photo Booth:

1. Boost Visitor Engagement

Photo booths are an extremely engaging experience, especially when they’re customized to your business. Guests typically enter the photo booth, strike a pose while silly props surround them, and then see themselves on-screen with their friends in high fives all around.

If you really want to take advantage of the guest experience at your next event, try suggesting that guests post their photo booth pics on your Facebook page. In addition to engaging with visitors in a new way, it will also provide them with a lasting memory from the event.

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2. Incentivize Sharing

Guests who share their photo booth pictures on social media are more likely to become engaged with your brand. If you install a photo booth, make sure to offer incentives for those who share their images on social media.

Online-only coupons and promotional codes are great ways to incentivize sharing and generate additional brand awareness.

3. Generate Positive Social Buzz and Media Attention

An engaging photo booth experience is also a great way to generate positive buzz about your business and even attract some media attention. In fact, there are some photo booths that include a social media bar on the sides of the booth.

For example, if you wanted to share your wedding picture with friends on Facebook, all you would have to do is hand your phone to a booth attendant and they would upload it for you. Your business will not only gain exposure at your next trade show or convention, but your customized photo booth will offer a great guest experience that guests are sure to remember.

4. You attract more flies with honey

Your booth visitors aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a photo booth – you can also use photos from the event to build relationships with media outlets and other prospects. If a local news station, industry blog or other media outlet visits your trade show booth to write a story about your business, send them away with photos that you can use both on social media and in future print advertisements.