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30 Cute Photo Booth Poses

Photo booths have been around since the early 20th century. These fun, silly photos are a great way to commemorate any occasion and rock your event.

Photo booths are a great tool for capturing lasting memories of parties, weddings, graduations and other special events . People often pose in fun ways to prevent their images from looking too stiff. The following poses by Toronto Photo Booth are both cute and silly so you can laugh all the way back to the future!

1. “L” Pose

The “L” Pose is perfect for all occasions. It’s fun, flirty and super easy to reproduce.

2. Pretend To Be A Photographer

This pose allows you to mimic a photographer turning away from his or her subject(s) after clicking the shutter .

3. Wheelbarrow

This pose is perfect for couples who want to look tough and/or silly together.

4. Frogging’ It

If you had a pet frog growing up, this pose is perfect for you. Otherwise, simply pretend your fingers are sticky and keep them on the outside of the photo booth camera housing.

5. “I Have A Dream” Pose

This pose is fun to make with your friends, no matter what age you are!

6. The Fun Punch

Simply pretend like you’re trying really hard at something, but not enough to make yourself sweat or become overwhelmed .

7. Moon

You can choose to place one foot in front of the other to pose like a ballerina. If you’re feeling daring, stand with your feet together and pretend like you’re hovering in space .

8. Thinking Pose

This is perfect for when the photographer asks what you guys/gals are thinking!

9. Hipster Pose

Pretend like you’ve known each other since way back when and want to reminisce about the good old’ days !

10. The “T” Pose

This is a great way to make your photo booth photo memorable — simply draw a letter on your hand and place it against the lens.

11. We’ll Rock You

To rock out with this pose, pretend like you’re playing air guitar . If you want to get more creative, pretend like you’re drumming !

12. “Hulk Smash” Pose

This pose is perfect for comic book nerds who are feeling brave!

13. Washing The Dishes

This pose is fun for everyone, but make sure to get your photographer’s permission before sticking your hands in the sink of dirty dishwater!

14. Selfie

This pose will enable you to show off your best side . Bonus points if you can work in a clever caption.

15. Chocolate And Strawberries

Pretend like you are about to eat chocolate and strawberries topped with whipped cream, or make it more imaginative by pretending that you are actually eating the chocolate and strawberries minus the whipped cream.

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16. The Pretzel

To snap a photo in this pose, stick your legs straight up and bend into a pretzel . You can pretend like you’re flying or just relaxing on the floor!

17. Energy Drink Pose

If you love energy drinks , this pose is for you!

18. Salt And Pepper

This pose is perfect for when your photographer asks what you guys want to be when you grow up.

19. “Penguins!” Pose

If you love penguins , this is an adorable pose that’s easy to recreate!

20. The Classic

This is a fun way to interact with your friends, especially if it looks like the photo booth camera ate your head!

21. I’m Feeling Better

Pretend like you need a big hug and to feel better after getting sick .

22. Mouse In The House

This pose is perfect for when your photographer asks what’s the cat’s pajamas?

23. Silly Goofballs

Pretend like you’re goofing off!

24. The “Whip” Pose

This pose is for everyone who loves to dance or wants to pretend like they’re dancing !

25. Superman Pose

Everyone loves Superman , but it’s even better when you’re pretending to be him!

26. Party Time!

Pretend like you are celebrating a birthday, New Year’s Eve or some other special occasion.

27. The Wave

Pretend like you’re about to ask the photographer if he or she minds if you give the photo booth camera a hug .

28. Kicking The Bucket

This pose is perfect for when your photographer asks what are you doing after high school ?

29. Underwater

Perfect for people who love swimming, scuba diving, or other water sports !

30. The Selfie Mirror

This pose is perfect for awesome photo booth mirror selfies! If you want to switch things up, try an upside-down mirror selfie.

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