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3 Pages You Didn’t Know Your Photo Booth Website is Missing

In this article, Toronto Photo Booth will go over what information and pages you should have on your website in greater depth. After all, once you’ve won a customer based on your landing page, they’ll start looking around, so it’s critical that your website stands out from the crowd.

Her is the list of Pages by Toronto Photobooth for your website:

1. About Us

This is very simple, it should have a photo of your booth and you should take the time to personalize this page a little bit. If you have a mascot, now may be the time to bring it out. Also include your company’s story, what makes you ‘you’, and your contact information for interested parties.

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2. Contact Us

This is more or less a one-page site that has your physical address, contact information (phone number, email, contact form), maybe a photo of your location and booth. Make sure you keep everything up to date on this page!

3. Portfolio/Gallery Page

Now we’re talking! This should have lots of photos showing what you have done in the past. People want to see what kind of work you do, so don’t be afraid to show off.

Make sure this page is fresh with updated photos and try different angles when taking the shots if possible. If there are multiple booths that work for your company, include them all in here!

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