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28 Awesome Wedding Photo Booth Props

Photo booths are a great way of bringing people together at your wedding reception. But many photo booth props can be tacky and embarrassing. Luckily, you can easily avoid this by using some creative props that will liven up the photos without being too cheesy.

Toronto Photo Booth have listed 28 awesome wedding photo booth props below for you to use in your own marriage.

1. Confetti Fun

The simplest method to make a photo booth even more enjoyable? On all entrances, toss bowls of bright confetti. Isn’t it clear how delighted they are?

2. Faux Sure

If you’re concerned about floral decorations wilting or decaying, go for the fake route. Before being transformed into crowns, garlands, and even a bouquet, Floral’s fake flowers were given several coats of spray paint.

However, if you’re not having a wedding dedicated to flowers, consider the other parts of your celebration that may have flowers, be it the bridesmaids’ dresses or centerpieces.

3. The Look-Alike

We get that you’re proud of your hair, but don’t get too attached to it during a photo booth session. After all, who wouldn’t want to take home a picture with their favorite celebrity?

4.  A Barking Good Time

Hundies Photo Booth offers different costumes, but we can’t deny that this doggy pajama costume is our favorite. “Just bark.”

5. A Medley of Hats

We’ve long believed that more hats nothing makes a party even more fun, and the photo booth is no exception. From traditional “wedding dresses” to crustacean helmets, there’s no end to the amount of fun props you can add in. Just be sure that the hats are safe for guests with allergies or sensitive skin.

6. A Tacky Trophy

If your photo booth is in an area known to attract drunken guests (and we’re not talking about the bar), consider bringing along a tacky trophy. Then, ask them to shout your name and you’ll know who has the most fun that night.

7. Camera Obscura

If you wish for guests to capture more than just their smiling face, give them an actual camera obscura with this DIY tutorial . The picture will appear on the wall, allowing everyone to see their portraits.

8. A False Friendship Bracelet

When people are given a friendship bracelet at a party, it’s nearly impossible for them to not exchange bracelets with someone else. This is especially true with photo booth sessions because, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want one of these?

9. The Bottle Topper

Bottle cap props are used to seal off drinks, but these ones will make the cameras flash. Be sure to pick a prop that will fit on most or all of your bottles. If you don’t want to go with the same color, try painting them for an even more unusual look.

10. The Literal Umbrella

Yes, it’s the most common of all photo booth props, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun. Just adjust your expectations accordingly—the umbrella won’t hold back the rain, after all.

11. The Gilded Glasses

If you’re feeling extra generous on your wedding day (read: have a ton of disposable income), consider buying customized paper glasses that match your invitations. Also, because the material is plastic, it’ll hold up better throughout the party.

12. The Time Capsule

Have guests write something they love about you—a memory from when you first met, a joke between friends—and have them place it in a jar. When you first open the jar, you’ll enjoy reliving those memories and be reminded why they love you so much.

13. The Pet Portal

Do we even need to convince you that getting these costumes for your pets would be a good idea? Now everyone can watch as your pet talks into a microphone or dons a bubble blowing costume.

14. The Pompom Props

There’s nothing more fun than a prop that doubles as a toy, and these pompoms from the Miami University Conference & Event Services definitely qualify. Not only will guests have a blast playing with them, but they can also keep them toremember your wedding day by.

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15. Friendship Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses can add a sense of playfulness to your photo booth. And, if you’re feeling extra generous, the props themselves can be worn as a memento from your wedding day.

16. The Wacky Wigs

If you have hair that’s just dying to get messed up (see: second or third day hair), these wigs will make it worth your while. You can also purchase a variety of wig types to fit different hair styles and preferences.

17. The Props in the Props

We’re not talking about inside jokes like “put on your reading glasses,” either. We’re talking about actually putting fun props in each guest’s prop bag as a little surprise. It’ll definitely ensure that everyone remembers your wedding favors.

18. The Sparkle Ballerina

The sight of glitter makes most people happy (not to mention, it’s perfect for weddings), but you can make this prop even better with the addition of string lights. Plus, if you’re planning an outdoor wedding, it’ll help your guests take better selfies in low lighting.

19. The Luggage Tags

Bring a little bit of the outdoors to your photos by adding these luggage tags from Boldomatico . They’re perfect for travelers and super fun at photo booths because everyone wants to get in on the action. Just be sure the design fits with your wedding aesthetic.

20. The Moustache Mishap

You might know him as “dad,” but at the photo booth, he’ll be known as your new mister! It’s super simple to make these props with just a few supplies and some time in front of the sewing machine.

21. The I’m Still Single Bracelet

If you want to have some fun at your photo booth, create several versions of this bracelet. Be sure to include versions for “I’m still single” and ones that say “Maid of honor,” if you’re the bride’s bestie.

22. The Boho Headband

This style of headband is currently dominating the wedding world. We love the idea of incorporating one into your photo booth—especially if you’re also bringing in some bohemian elements to your decor.

23. The Personalized Fan

Hopefully, it’ll be hot outside during your wedding day, but these fans will provide shade and cool air no matter how sweat-inducing the weather is. Plus, guests can keep them afterward.

24. The Bottle Opener

This prop sets itself apart from other photo booth props because it’s actually useful after the party is over. Guests will love its classic charm and funky colors during your wedding festivities, but they’ll also be happy to have something fun to do if they get thirsty at the reception.

25. Whimsical Masks

Turn your photo booth into something like a masquerade by offering guests with partial face masks from various locations. We adore those that just cover the top of people’s heads, but choose whatever you feel is best for you.

26. In the Air

Balloons (with weights at the bottom) are fantastic interactive items. When they say something as lovely as “Love is in the air,” we’re a fan of it (this inflatable is from Kate Spade).

27. Go for the Gold

The classic photo booth centerpiece is a mix of speech bubbles, glasses, and lips on sticks. Even a little top hat and bow tie you can position above and below your head are common. However, when covered in tiny specks of gold glitter and confined in golden mugs, they become even more festive.

28. Pretty Kitty

It’s almost cataclysmic that your loved cats can’t be part of the wedding activities. However, you may ensure that their presence is felt (and seen) by printing their portrait and blowing it up foryour guests to pose with.

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