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17 Awesome Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

The wedding photo booths are an important component of a cheerful atmosphere. They allow you to create amazing photographs quickly and effortlessly. They can also be fun and exciting ways to document the guests and their wishes for the happy couple. While capturing the ambience and essential shots that will make up your wedding album, guests may let themselves go wild in front of the camera.

Here are 17 Wedding Booth ideas by Toronto Photo booth:

1. The Vintage Photo Booth – Great for the Classic Wedding

As its name suggests, this photo booth is strictly based on the retro-chic style of photographing your guests. No modern props here! The vintage photo booth will offer a timeless feeling that’s not too far from classy portraits made in properly lit studios.

2. The Green Screen Photo Booth

This photo booth uses green screen technology to simulate the look of an exotic location . Each guest will get the opportunity to pretend he or she is in a different place while still staying at your wedding! A great way to bring out your guests’ imagination, this photo booth can even be used to recreate famous movie scenes

3. The Celebrity Photo Booth

The celebrity photo booth is all about having the most fun possible with your wedding, so why not have a few tricks up your sleeve? Bring out props that are usually associated with the world of showbiz . Your guests will have a blast trying on sunglasses , hats, and more!

4. The Love Story Photo Booth

After the stress, anxiety, and excitement of organizing your wedding are over, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the celebration! Capture this feeling by using photo booth props that show all aspects of love . Guests will smile at seeing themselves in funny avatars with hearts , teddy bears, balloons, and more.

5. The Library Photo Booth

The library photo booth is perfect for the bookworms of your wedding party . It will give you a chance to look at your guests with an old-fashioned feel, as they read a book or peruse a newspaper in front of the camera. This photo booth idea is excellent for creating lovely, timeless portraits that will bring out your guests’ inner intellectuals!

6. The Sports Photo Booth

If you want something more dynamic than a standard photo booth, go for the sports photo booth . It will allow everyone to get in on the fun while feeling like an athlete or coach of their favorite team. You can even encourage guests to take on the roles of their favorite sports stars to bring out some Hollywood drama in your pictures!

7. The Selfie Photo Booth

This photo booth is all about allowing your guests to take perfect selfies using fun props that will make each picture memorable . If you’re looking for something that will create a special moment for everyone involved, then this is the way to go.

8. The Hollywood Photo Booth

The Hollywood photo booth is a must-have if you want to make your wedding a star-studded event . It will give guests the chance to dress up in costumes and create their own movie magic in front of the camera. You can even take it upon yourself to learn some of the most popular signature poses used by celebrities for your wedding album.

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9. The Boho Photo Booth

A bohemian photo booth is also known as a gypsy photo booth, and it’s perfect for letting everyone feel free and liberated . You can encourage guests to go wild with their clothes, hairstyles , and props to create some truly memorable pictures. Don’t be surprised if your guests end up looking like gypsies straight out of the ghetto!

10. The Travel Photo Booth

This photo booth is ideal for capturing all of the places you and your guests have traveled to over the years . Let everyone show off their best souvenirs, mementos, and travel accessories to bring out that special feeling of wanderlust. You will definitely want to take a trip down memory lane and look back at all the places you’ve been after seeing these pictures!

11. The 80’s Photo Booth

In case your wedding is all about celebrating the past, you might as well go for an 80s photo booth ! This will allow everyone to bring out their best hair, clothing, and accessories from the 80s. When it comes to decorating for your wedding, this may be a great chance to let your imagination really run wild!

12. The Mad Scientist Photo Booth

If you’re looking for something that is a little bit off the wall , then the mad scientist photo booth is definitely up your alley. Let your guests channel their best scientists and inventors for a harebrained photo shoot that will keep everyone smiling from ear to ear.

13. The Superhero Photo Booth

The superhero photo booth is perfect for those who want their wedding photos to look as epic as possible . You can dress up your guests as their favorite superheroes or have them create some of their own! Let everyone totally embrace the theme, and don’t worry about looking tacky—this photo booth idea is all about being over-the-top fantastic.

14. The Fairytale Photo Booth

If you want to bring out the little kid in everyone , then you should definitely go for the fairy tale photo booth . Let guests dress up in their best costumes and sprinkle in some magic to bring out their inner child. This is also a great opportunity to encourage your friends and family members to act like children when it comes time for pictures!

15. A Floral Wall

A floral wall as a backdrop is one of the most beautiful wedding photo booth ideas. The photos will be complete with this romantic touch. It can also be used throughout the day as part of the wedding’s decor, thanks to the florist.

16. The Photo-Booth Photo Booth

This is a self-explanatory photo booth that will allow you and your spouse to get into the act . You can use it as the grand finale of your wedding or just bring it out during an after party! Let everyone know that this is their chance to get down and dirty in front of the camera, so consider using it as a fun way to break the ice.

17. The Pop-Art Photo Booth

The pop-art photo booth is especially great for self-expression since it allows you to come up with your own imagery design . This sort of booth will boost your creativity and encourage you to get artsy with your picture taking. This is also a great chance for you to show off some of the most obscure costumes, accessories, and props that are gathering dust in your attic.

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