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10 Photo Booth Tips to Rock Your Next Event

Here Toronto Photo Booth have got 10 tips to make your Photo Booth rock:

1. Strategically choose your photo booth company carefully

How do you find a great photo booth company? It’s all about doing your research and getting referrals from friends or colleagues who have used a photo booth at their own event.

Kudos to those of you who already have a few companies in mind! But if not, take some time to ask around, do some research online, and find the company that is just right for your next event. You can rely on Photobooth Rental Toronto for your next great Experience.

2. Think about your guests’ comfort

This one’s a no-brainer. If you’re throwing an outdoor party during the summer, for example, make sure there’s plenty of shade available in the area where you plan to locate your photo booth.

Remember, too, that a photo booth should be placed in a highly trafficked area, so the photographer doesn’t have to spend hours encouraging guests to come over and “take a picture.”

3. Get creative with your backdrop options

In order to keep things fresh for your guests, you’ll want to change up the backdrops that you use in your photo booth.

When it comes to design, the sky’s the limit. One way to come up with unique backdrops is by using props on white poster board and positioning yourself at a 45 degree angle from the backdrop.

4. Keep papers and pens handy for your guests to write down their photos

If you’re designing a photo booth, we recommend including a shelf or table near the backdrop where people can place their cameras when not in use. This way, guests can easily grab their cameras and take a picture without feeling like they’re holding up the line.

Also, we suggest providing pens and paper near the backdrop so your guests have an easier time writing down and sharing their photos on social media sites.

5. Involve all of your senses with themed props

This is a great way to really get your guests into the photo booth spirit. Props can provide a sense of whimsy all by themselves, but if you want to up the ante try adding scents and sounds when your guests pose for a picture.

Some themes we’ve seen in photo booths are a beach setting, a safari theme with jungle noises, and a wedding theme with confetti and classical music.

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6. Incorporate fun photo booth activities in your party plans

For example, you might want to set up a limbo station near the photo booth or create a game that ties into your party’s theme: “Guests who take pictures with this backdrop in the next 5 minutes get an extra scoop of ice cream.”

7. Photograph your guests before they take their pictures

It’s important to photograph your guests when they first arrive at the photo booth. This is especially true in the case of corporate events where you want to capture each attendee in attendance in order to build stronger relationships among team members and establish a sense of community within your company.

8. Make sure your photo booth is mobile

In order for guests to have enough room to pose and have fun, it’s crucial that the backdrop doesn’t overpower the area where you place the photo booth. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend that you give about a foot of space on all sides of your photo booth.

We also suggest you consider a photo booth that is on wheels. This will allow the photographer to use the backdrop anywhere and ensure that your photo booth doesn’t take up too much room in any one area of the party.

9. Design your own background paper

Lay out plain white poster board and drop small bowls of brightly colored confetti, popcorn, cereal or any other sort of small items that can serve as colorful props. Then, have guests pose for a picture with their arms raised above their heads and snap away!

10. Hang up your guest’s photos once they’ve been taken

Once you collect your guests’ photos, hang them on the wall near where you are hosting your party or event.

Because photos of your friends and family never get old, you’ll find that guests will spend some time looking over the pictures once they’ve been taken down.

We hope that you like our Tips. Don’t forget to check Toronto Photobooth site and our packages.