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10 Class Reunion Ideas For Super Fun Photo Booths

As you head to your reunion, there’s no doubt that you’re looking forward to seeing old friends and having fun catching up. You may be wondering what kind of ideas for photo booths are out there that will allow you to capture all the fun at your reunion in a unique way. Toronto Photo Booth have got 10 ideas to help inspire you for your next reunion.

1. The Traditional Photo Booth

One of the easiest ways to incorporate a photo booth into your ten-year reunion is with the traditional photo booth. These booths typically come with fun props that guests will love, and they can deliver custom prints or digital copies via email right away after the event.

These booths can be a little bit pricey to rent, but they are worth it because they provide hours of entertainment for your guests.

2. The Clown Photo Booth

The clown photo booth is a unique twist on the traditional photo booth that will have all your friends in stitches at your reunion. This photo booth comes complete with a clown that will take a silly photo with you. Guests can even wear a little clown wig for the picture, which they receive right at the booth.

3. The Bubble Station

For those who are having their reunions in warmer months, consider renting out a bubble machine that provides tons of amusement for children and adults alike (and is sure to get some great reunion pictures).

Guests can take the bubble home in a keepsake container, or you could have different containers at your reunion so that people can choose which props they want.

4. The Green Screen Station

A green screen station is an awesome way to add some pop to your reunion photos. This photo booth backdrop will allow guests to “travel” to any destination of their choice.

This fun backdrop is also bound to produce some hilarious pictures, so you’ll have quite the memorable reunion keepsakes.

5. The Ring Toss Station

Get creative with your ten-year reunion photo booth by setting up a ring toss station that will give guests something to do as they wait for their turn to have their pictures taken.

This photo booth idea is a great way to incorporate some nostalgia as well as provide an element of fun at your reunion.

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6. The Canvas Wall

Another creative twist on the photo booth is to have a large canvas wall that will allow people to take home a keepsake from your reunion in addition to some great pictures.

You can have the canvas printed with the date, location and theme of your reunion, making it a unique take on your traditional photo booth.

7. The Play-Called Station

This photo booth will get guests up and movingwhile they wait to have their picture taken! This play called station is super fun for people of all ages and can work very well for a reunion. Guests will love all the friendly competition that they’ll get to experience at reunion!

8. The Hollywood Station

Let guests reenact their favorite scenes from their high school days with this Hollywood station. You can add different backgrounds and fun props to this photo booth, creating some hilarious pictures that guests will love.

9. The Line Pass Station

The line pass station is an awesome solution to the problem of long wait times at your reunion photo booth.

This station allows guests who are waiting in line to take some great pictures while they wait their turn to pose with the backdrop and props provided. It’s a great way to ensure guests always get their photos in a timely manner.

10. The Green Screen Station With Props

This green screen station is different from the one mentioned above because it comes with fun props that will make your reunion memories even more unique. Guests can take home some awesome pictures, and you will have plenty of reunion keepsakes to choose from!

We hope you like the ideas. Don’t forget to check our Photobooth Rental Toronto Website.