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Photobooth Rental Toronto


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kim k black and white photo booth

Kim K Glam Booth

Experience the latest trend in summer wedding celebrations with our Glam Booth. These chic photobooths, popular for their black and white photos (color options available too), come equipped with a skin-smoothing filter and professional lighting. Guests feel like models with the polished look these booths provide. It is perfect for high-end weddings or brand promotion.

Boomerang Booth

Our Boomerang booths, inspired by popular Instagram GIFs, are all about fun and dynamism. Available for standalone rental or as an addition to any photobooth package, they’re ideal for digital sharing. These booths are a favorite for promoting brands and encouraging guests to share their creations. 


Our Standard GIF photobooths blend the fun of traditional photobooths with modern technology. Capturing 3 or 4 photos, our software creates seamless looping GIFs. Guests can enjoy custom print strips and instantly access their GIFs at sharing stations. Personalize these GIFs with branding elements for events and make you brand known.

Similar to our Wedding PhotoBooths, the GIF Booths offer a blend of photos and technology. Guests can create their own GIFs, adding a personalized touch to their experience. These booths are trending cause of the excitement and fun they create.


Our Video Booths allow guests to record memorable moments, individually or in groups, with or without backdrops, and even with props or costumes. From short clips to longer videos, these can be edited into montages or kept as standalone clips.

They’re perfect for weddings, corporate events, and corporate parties, offering excellent opportunities for engaging video content creation. Ideal for social media, advertising, or product launches, they add excitement to events.

Focus Booth is a premier photobooth rental service that specializes in elevating events with an array of engaging and innovative photobooth experiences. Our commitment to delivering memorable moments extends across various locations in the Greater Toronto Area, each with its unique charm and character.

In the Heart of Diversity: Toronto and Beyond

In Toronto’s bustling and vibrant landscape, our photobooths capture the essence of the city’s diverse cultural fabric. From lively street festivals in Scarborough to elegant weddings in the historic neighborhoods of North York, our booths add a unique touch. In Mississauga and Hamilton, known for their dynamic community events and corporate functions, Focus Booth brings a blend of professionalism and fun, perfect for capturing the spirit of these fast-growing cities.

Expanding to the Scenic Suburbs

Our services reach beyond the city limits to the Oakville, where we find a different kind of magic. In Markham Etobicoke, our photobooths complement the scenic backdrops of outdoor events, capturing the natural beauty and suburban charm. Meanwhile, in Brampton and Vaughan, we cater to a mix of vibrant community gatherings and sophisticated corporate events, offering tailored photobooth experiences that resonate with each unique audience.

Catering to the Wider Community

Extending our reach further, we service areas like Richmond HillBurlington, and Waterloo, where our booths add excitement to university events, cultural festivals, and local fairs. Down towards Niagara, our photobooths stand against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes, perfect for weddings or tourist events, capturing memories as vivid as the region itself.

At Focus Booth, we pride ourselves on understanding and adapting to the diverse needs of each location we serve. Our goal is to ensure that no matter where your event is in the Toronto area, it’s enhanced with the fun, creativity, and sophistication that our photobooths bring.

We use DNP RX-Printer

We require a minimum of 6 feet by 6 feet space for our photo booth. 

Yes, our photos are printed instantly.  It takes average 7 seconds for a print out. 

Yes, we do need a power outlet for our photo booth.  We do bring our own extension cord. 

We require a 6 feet table for the printer & props for our toronto photo booth. 

All our packages come with unlimited prints

Yes, our props can be customized to fit the season / event for photo booth rentals.  Our props selected by our photobooth company staff are always kids friendly.