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Worried about being a good bridesmaid? These tips should sail you through

29 Dec Worried about being a good bridesmaid? These tips should sail you through

It’s no surprise that bridesmaids are an integral element of any wedding, just at the right place to console, comfort, contribute and spread all the joy imaginable at each and every bridal event.

Being a bridesmaid is no walk in the park., they’re so important that it is no wonder some people need tips. It really doesn’t matter whether it is your first time with bridesmaids or your tenth, here are a few tips from a cheat sheet to factor into your list of to-dos.

Help howsoever you can

Offer as much help as possible with all the pre wedding tasks. If possible, try to be more specific as possible while volunteering. For instance, instead of asking what you can do, it always helps to ask for something more specific, say, “Would it help if I would come along with you to shop for the honeymoon pack/bridesmaid dresses/invitation boxes?” If possible, try your best to scout out for bridesmaid dresses, jewelry, shoes and any other wedding accessories. Make sure you’re the one who’s paying for whole purchase. (Protip: Test your own shoes before the day of the wedding to minimize blisters, aching feet and blisters)

You must help with all the planning, hosting and the payments for the bachelorette party and bridal shower along with your bridesmaids. These parties can get pretty crazy. In case the matron or maid of honor is not already up to the task, you must ensure that somebody keeps a thorough record of any gifts received by any of the parties, including the bridal showers, in order to ensure that the bride or groom can easily write thank-you notes and effortlessly maintain RSVP lists.

Plan like it’s your own wedding

Attending the rehearsal for the ceremony as well as the rehearsal dinner has to be one of your topmost priorities. It helps to go to know about all the pre wedding parties and attending as many possible. At any wedding, it helps to have anybody who can run last minute errands. On the wedding day, keep track of the flower delivery times, try to meet and greet the officiant for the ceremony and satisfy the couple’s junk food cravings.

If the bride requests you to stand in the receiving line, make sure you don’t let her down. At the reception, be a good hostess to all the guests. Try to introduce them around, get them to sign the guest booklet and ensure that they hit the bar soon!

Be a good sport

If there’s music playing, make sure you’re on the dance floor. Try to dance with the groomsmen while the first-dance formal sequence is taking place. Be on the lookout for any guests who’d love to dance but are unable to get a partner or the required level of encouragement. In any case, bridesmaids are great at giving people a reason to put on their dancing shoes!

Bridesmaids are there to be fun and to keep things relaxed and easy, it is without doubt the most fun role at any wedding. Its so fun in fact that a video slots company has a made a whole game with a bridesmaid’s theme. They decided that mixing the technology and fun of slots with the light heartedness and excitement of being a bridesmaid would made the perfect video slots game. There are so many different and interesting ways to play video slots now, check out this list and consider playing on the big day as a fun distraction from all the stress that comes with weddings.

The maid of honor has to the most tired person at the event, so help her out buy carrying the wedding gown train of the bride whenever possible. Keep yourself available in case the bride asks you to accompany her to the washroom. Further, make sure that you buy a great wedding present for the couple on their special day. Get together with one or more bridesmaids to get a more expensive present, if needed, and it’s not unusual for the entire troupe to pitch in for a collective mind blowing gift.

All in all, if you follow these tips, there’s not a single reason why you shouldn’t be able to pull off a once in a lifetime wedding. You could get some further help from these 10 ways to not spoil the bride’s most important day of life!


So go ahead, plan everything with all your heart, and make sure you keep the most important tip in mind: don’t forget to have fun!


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