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Two events that can be improved with a photobooth

22 Jan Two events that can be improved with a photobooth

Two events that can be improved with a photobooth


We are very proud of the range of photo booths that we have on offer and think that they could be used at pretty much any event that you could ever want to host. They provide a talking point, they make memories and they even allow you to take the pressure off yourself as a host and give your guests a place to go if they aren’t sure what to do. They are the ultimate talking point at any party and are so easy to use that anyone could use them.


They are also the ultimate in nostalgia, for so many people photo booths were the only place to get affordable and quick photos that were also high quality. Suddenly there was no need to wait weeks to get photos developed, photo booths in shopping centres were the ultimate large gadget back in the day and were places where people gathered because they were so exciting. You only have to look at people’s reviews to see how they love using a photobooth.


There are some events though which seem to rarely have them even though they would be perfect. It seems that some people forget when planning just how much a photo booth could add to an event, how it could improve guests time and develop a real sense of fun. So if you are planning an event keep photos booth in mind, especially if you are planning either of the following events.


A casino night

People get dressed up in their gladrags for a casino night especially if it has a Monte Carlo theme. If you want to make your night feels as glamorous as possible then you make sure people are wearing suits and beautiful dresses and therefore they will want to be photographed. Whether you are keeping it simple with an all slots casino or if you are adding table games too, people want the night to feel special. They want it to feel as if they are celebrities stepping out onto the red carpet and being part of something special.


A photobooth, that can give people memories of a night like that, is always appreciated. It might not seem like the first thing on the list but it really can give the night an extra edge. When people win they can be photographed with their chips. You can add props like cards and dice to the booth to make it even more exciting and fit the theme. People love casinos and adding a photo booth makes the night even better.


A pool party

It might not seem like the best place for a photo booth but once people have towled down or perhaps before they go in the pool they love to be photographed. You can add floats, goggles and other swimming paraphernalia to improve the theme and to make people feel as if they are about to go and swim in the olympics as an honoured guest rather than just being a pool party. A simple pool party becomes something immortalised in people’s minds when you have a photobooth there, something so simple can make a huge difference.


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