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How to plan your casino themed wedding

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29 Dec How to plan your casino themed wedding

wedding photo2It isn’t possible for you to get away to Las Vegas for your special day? Then why don’t you just get Las Vegas for your very own casino themed wedding? It might appear rather over-the-top to have a theme wedding, particularly since many marriages have been consciously moving away from the concept, but you might be forgetting that themed weddings are the perfect opportunity for you to get your family and friends for a memorable and fun occasion!

Below we’ve compiled a set of tips for you to have the perfect casino themed wedding. Afterwards, you can get your friends and family together and head on over to your recommended local Canadian casinos!

The Bridal Shower

Prior to the big event it is essential for you to pay proper attention to your the bridal shower. While this event is conventionally not planned by the bride herself, the maid of honor would ordinarily be quite happy to help you to plan out your Vegas themed bridal shower. If you do decide to go for a wedding that is based on a casino theme, then the perfect place to host such an event is a bingo hall, which would be perfect for the entire bridal party.

You may even take it one step ahead, and have all your members at your themed wedding dress up as differently coloured daubers, and some even have the option of going for various shapes and sizes in which daubers are available. A fun outing could consist of the bridal party moving to a casino after having a good outing at the bingo hall. While you’re planning your bridal shower, maybe you can check out a compilation of these wedding ideas that are bound to leave a lasting impact on your guests.

The Venue & Reception

Another crucial advantage of having a casino themed wedding is that both the reception and the venue can be organized at one location, maybe a classy hotel which is decorated in typical casino colors red, black and white. A casino themed wedding in a hotel offers you the ideal location to host such an event, as there are several hotels with majestic chandeliers and grand staircases which make for a picture perfect wedding. Your casino themed wedding can be styled with dice, playing cards and daubers, and all other games that lend a casino its life and soul.

Your reception should be a grand bash of entertainment and frolic, and when it comes to casino themed weddings the alternatives are simply endless. An interesting option for tables would be to have separate casino games for each individual table, with the alternatives varying between blackjack, bingo, slot machines, poker, among other games. Besides going for casino theme tables, do go for casino themed decorations such as card suit confetti, swirly card decorations and slot game machines which are bound to impress your guests. If this isn’t enough, maybe try and get an Elvis look alike for your special day and really bring out the Las Vegas spirit.

All in the Detail

While the decorations and the tables do leave an impact, nothing speaks more than the gifts that you give back to your guests as a marker for your special day. For starters, playing cards personalized by the guest, or unique dice or poker chips may be a memorable takeaway from your special wedding day. Understandably, this is bound to leave quite a dent on your wallet, so do check out these DIY wedding ideas that allow you to plan your special day at an affordable price.

All in all, the success of the wedding in how much attention you pay to the detail, and moreover how much fun your guests have at the wedding. So go ahead, plan your memorable Las Vegas bash right at home.


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