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  • photo booth rental in downtown toronto
  • photo booth rental in downtown toronto
  • photo booth rental in downtown toronto
  • photo booth rental in downtown toronto
  • photo booth rental in downtown toronto
  • photo booth rental in downtown toronto
  • photo booth rental in downtown toronto
  • photo booth rental in downtown toronto

18 Nov Sasha & Michael


Photo Booth Rental in Downtown Toronto


Downtown Toronto is the most prominent cities in Canada because this is known to be the center of trade and commerce. There is a high concentration of skyscrapers and other business establishments and it is also where the municipal government building of Toronto is located as well as the building of the provincial government of Ontario was built. Because the place is a highly progressive city, a great number of the entire population of Ontario lives here.

Aside from Downtown Toronto being the center of business, there are also a lot of nice places to go to for leisure and of course for occasion and events like corporate gatherings, anniversaries, birthdays and weddings.

If you are loving the city life, then the best place to hold a wedding celebration would be in the heart of Toronto. There are truly amazing places and great wedding venues to choose from especially if you are planning a large wedding where over a hundred guests are expected to grace the momentous occasion.

Just to give the readers the idea, here are some of Toronto’s best wedding venues:

  • The Berkeley Church and the Berkeley Fieldhouse. This place can be rented separately or together depending on the number of guests invited by the couple to attend their wedding and depending on the amount of space needed to set up a grandiose wedding. The 17 foot stained glass window and the hardwood floor are the church’s best features and really look elegant for weddings. Rentals are a bit exorbitant, but the ambiance and the location are absolutely breathtaking.
  • The Steam Whistle Brewery is one of the ideal choices for a perfect wedding because of its rustic-inspired design because of the bricks and the wood beams. This wedding venue can accommodate from 30 up top 250 seated guests. The choice of the catering services may be from other vendors, however, the bar is exclusively run and operated by the Steam Whistle Brewery; no need to worry about the drinks because they provide only the best beers that they also produce. And the best choice… the Steam Whistle.
  • The Graydon manor Hall. The location is absolutely perfect for a memorable and grandiose evening affair because it highlights the ornate moldings, the bay windows and the center of attraction would always be the wood-burning fireplaces. The rates of the rentals would depend on factors such as the date, the time and the season when the wedding will be held.
  • The Edward Day Gallery and Mocca Courtyard is also a perfect option because it is a combination of an indoor and outdoor space which makes a perfect wedding venue. What’s best about this place is that it has a contemporary feel for an elegant wedding. It can also accommodate around 125 up to 150 people.
  • The Palais Royale is truly a beautiful venue and it has been a witness of over thousands of weddings and other celebrations for the past 86 years that it has been open for the public. The original stone fireplace and the dance floor made from old hardwood are what gives off the contemporary feel to the wedding venue. Truly classical and elegant especially when captured in the wedding photographs. The ballroom of the place can house as much as 350 people in a seated option and can accommodate around 800 people for a cocktail setup. These are just some of the best places for a wedding celebration in Toronto. A momentous and memorable Downtown Toronto Wedding that is what Sasha and Michael had dreamed about. And on the 18th of November all the dreams they built together are put in a nice and sweet realization where they tied the knot and exchanged their vows of everlasting love.

A wedding is one of the most awaited and awe-inspiring occasions that entails meticulous preparation from the wedding ceremony down to the wedding celebration party. Most of the time, guests would start to leave once they have enjoyed the feast and, of course, the cocktails. However, thinking out-of-the-box and devising ways to entertain and amuse the guests to make them stay a little longer as Sasha and Michael celebrate their very first day as husband and wife. Well, enough they thought of renting a photo booth to spice up the occasion.

The best thing about having photo booths in a wedding celebration is that the young and the old and even the couple can have a great time making quirky and wacky poses using all the wonderful props while taking their own photographs.

In almost all the pictures, the thrill and excitement can be seen and felt through their eyes and their smiles. Sasha really enjoyed wearing the white top hat while her bridesmaids and groomsmen pose behind her using some of the cool oversized colorful eyeglasses and masks.

The groomsmen really enjoyed those superhero masks. One of the most remarkable photo booth shots is the one where a guest wore the incredible hulk mask, the mask really fit well. The props are just perfect and it made all the pictures lively and colorful.

Couples who are planning a wedding should consider hiring the services of Focus Booth not just because they have one of the best concepts in terms of photo booth props, but because they offer only the best quality printouts that you can customize. What’s best about these printouts is that you wouldn’t have to wait in line just to get copies of your amazing and fun photos; guests are assured of the high-resolution vibrant prints in just about 20 seconds; a very nice wedding favor for all the guests isn’t it?

Weddings are breathtaking and awesome, and all the memories could never be remade, so might as well put the smile on your guest’s faces as they enjoy spending the start of your new life as one. Capture all those smiles and all those memories in print by having a photo booth at your wedding.

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